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I’m sure everyone’s read the case for photo ID’s to vote – you can’t do anything in this country without proper identification EXCEPT VOTE.  The left jumps up and down and screams that ID suppresses minority voting.  First of all, this is bullshit.  Secondly, I think the number of ILLEGAL ALIENS (or whateverthefuck they are called these days) are not a problem on Election Day.  Few of them speak/read enough English to wade through a typical ballot.  And if they ARE here illegally, they would be stupid to take a chance getting caught and deported by casting one puny vote. 

Here is the problem as I see it, and as a North Carolinian I think the legislature has taken a step in the right direction to correct voter fraud.  They may have even inadvertently backed into a solution for the real problem, as I see it....

Prior to this law being signed, all a voter had to do was walk up to a precinct worker manning the ‘voter books’ and give that person their NAME and ADDRESS.  Worker flips through an alphabetical list of names, finds you and the address you gave, and puts a little checkmark by your name.  Easy enough, right?  And away you go to the shrouded little table to mark your ballot.  As you leave, you slide it into a machine and it’s counted.  Sounds easy enough, right?
Now…. Just what if….there are people working at the Board of Elections before the election starts (and there are) and perhaps there are also Precinct workers readying the books for the upcoming election (and there are) and just what if those same workers happen to make a list of addresses in their books – addresses that show NO ONE AT THAT ADDRESS HAS VOTED IN YEARS (and there are such people and addresses.)  With that list, it’s easy to go online and learn the NAME of the person/persons living at each address.

What in the world would such a list be good for? 

What if…. some unscrupulous people loaded up buses full of ‘voters’ and gave each one a ‘name and address’ and took these people to ‘early vote’.  Person goes in, tells name and address, AND VOTES.  Gets back on the bus…. is given another ‘name and address’ and is taken to another precinct… and repeats the same process.  Any guess as to how many ‘illegal votes’ could be crammed into ballot boxes around a city or STATE doing this, especially when they have DAYS (plural) to early-vote? 

But-but-but…. you say – what if the REAL registered voter decides to vote!  That LEGAL voter has to cast a ‘provisional’ ballot… meaning the ballot is basically worthless and will not be counted, because – even though that legitimate voter can PROVE he is who he says he is, there is no way to know who his ‘ID theft person’  was or how that person voted.  Provisional ballots are put aside and counted at least a WEEK after the election.  In other words, a PB is worthless.

Early voting is a ballot-box-stuffer’s dream – and don’t think for a minute these scams are NOT run like a well-oiled machine.

Other things, like motor/voter (one of the first laws Bill Clinton signed) and same-day-registration/voting (which the NC Bill also eliminates) simply aid the fraud.
We should return to an ELECTION DAY.  The Constitution calls for an ELECTION DAY… not a week or a month. [Meant for the Electoral College back in the day, but widely translated to also mean the day citizens voted].  There is a provision for anyone to vote if they will not be able to on ELECTION DAY – it’s called an absentee ballot, and it’s worked for years.

The VOTER should take some responsibility in REGISTERING and then applying for an absentee ballot if they won’t be around on Election DAY.  And if they should be ill on the first Tuesday in November?  Well, shit happens.

http://ncvoterinfo.org/  (information is prior to the bill signed yesterday BUT LOOK HOW EASY IT IS!)

For more on the North Carolina law, see:


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