Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Congress needs to pass an amendment making ENGLISH the official language of this country.

I'm listening to Ms. Sebelius explain the disaster that is just the Obamacare WEBSITE.... A WEBSITE THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER HAS ALREADY PAID OVER $600,000,000 FOR.... and she said something that I had not thought about.

EVERYTHING TO DO WITH OBAMACARE, including the CF that is the website...... is also being produced in SPANISH!  WTF!

For YEARS government at all levels has been producing documents in multi-language formats.  For years, all of society has been having to 'PRESS 1 FOR ENGLISH'.  Anyone have any idea how much this is costing the public and private sector?  What about school systems nationwide TEACHING non-English speaking kids in their native language - any idea what that is costing us?

I have no problem with legal immigration.  I DO have a problem with this country spending resources we don't have on krap that ultimately keeps this country divided.  No where else in the world will you find countries that do NOT have an official language and who operate, as we do, in a plethora of non-official languages.  Learning English should be a requirement for citizenship AND for the benefits we so generously give to immigrants.  We have operated 'outside' the English language long enough.

We need to make English the national language, and we need to start spending resources on teaching English to our immigrants.

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