Thursday, December 19, 2013


Who died and made A&E the thought police?

Huge mistake..... huge mistake suspending Robertson.  I'm not a regular viewer of DD, but I will watch once more to get a list of the show's sponsors so I can tell them I'm boycotting not only A&E but their products as well.

Why doesn't A&E air an OVERTLY GAY reality series and see how long it lasts.  I just hope their bottom line begins to bleed RED, if it's not already.

 A&E:  Have a very Merry Christmas….ummmm  Happy Holiday..... ummmmm Nevermind.

And as an aside, Robertson's comments were made in a GQ (magazine) interview THAT IS YET TO BE PUBLISHED!!!!  Has the gay community's angst been simmering for nearly a year?  Or is this merely another attack on Christians at our holiest time of the year?  Hmmmm?  Odd timing, no?

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  1. not for posting I have a list of sponsors that will be on my blog at 4am 12-20.
    It has emails and phone numbers

  2. A and E.You are so wrong.My father is gay,my brother was gay but they were both Patriots.FREEDOM of Speech.Phil Robertson was expressing his God given right as an American.Nazi Germany did this type of thing,shutting people up.Doing away with those who did not agree with them.What America are we living in?He has the right to say what he feels.He did not just attack gays but all sinners.I am a sinner,you are a sinner and Phil Robertson admits to being a sinner.May God help The U.S.A.if we are not allowed to speak our mind.Hitler did not like people who did not agree with him and look what happened to them.I love my father, I loved my brother who died of aids but both of them would be sick to hear an American shut up because of a belief.A and E makes me sick.You are no better than Hittler.Being an American alows us to speak.God help us all if a network can shut us down.The people of Germany were brain washed by the media at movies.If one person is allowed their opinion and another is not what happens when someone does not like your opinion.NATZI GERMANY.Do not repeat their mistakes.........