Sunday, June 15, 2014


I hope America is following the complete disaster that is occurring in Iraq.  And anyone who thinks this does not lay at the feet of Barack Obama is a fool.

We have for nearly a century left a fighting force in countries that were, and still could become, our enemies.  Germany, Japan, Korea.  We STILL have military there.  It is a negotiated presence called a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

In the closing months of George W. Bush's second term, he negotiated a SOFA with the Iraqi leadership, which mainly would maintain stability.  The war was won but Iraq was not ready to stand on it's own....  OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, BUSH SIGNED AN AGREEMENT TO MAINTAIN A PRESENCE UNTIL 2011.

In a political decision to 'get out of Iraq', Obama opted to NOT renew the SOFA.

This week a terrorist ARMY has invaded Iraq.  The country is doomed - it is too late for America or the Europeans to do anything but watch.

This is the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama.  He gave a speech (below) about Iraq, and then left for Palm Springs to play golf. (The helicopter is right behind him.)

May God cradle in his arms all those who died to free Iraq.

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And it's ISIS, not ISIL   .....

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