Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It sucks to be Chuck Hagel.

"Let me be clear.....I didn't know until Chuck told me what he'd done"

Hagel served in Vietnam - attained the rank of E5 (Buck Sergeant) and got two purple hearts.  (Unlike Secretary of State John Kerry, who also served in Vietnam and got THREE purple hearts, which got him sent home having never spent a day in the hospital or gotten a single stitch.)  But I digress.....

Hagel had an unremarkable Senate career, beginning in 1997, and was elected overwhelmingly by his fellow Nebraskans.  Initially he voted with his fellow Republicans along conservative lines, supporting Bush after 9/11, but by 2005 he was openly mocking Bush and Cheney on the war in Iraq.  In 2007 he was one of three Republican Senators who supported Democratic-proposed legislation requiring a troop withdrawal from Iraq to begin within 120 days.  Hagel sponsored several pieces of legislation while in the Senate but most were defeated.

When Obama was elected in 2008, he kept Bush's SecDef (Robert Gates) on in his administration until 2011.  This was a sensible decision, as we were in two wars and a change at the top would have been unwise.  Gates retired in 2011 and Obama replaced him with Leon Panetta, who served two years in the military (1964 - 1966) and left the service with the rank of First Lieutenant. Panetta served 17 months as SecDef, and then Obama selected (former) Senator Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense.

In my opinion, Hagel was, by 2013, a Republican in name only, but who cared? He had been out of politics for 6 years.  Since becoming SecDef, Hagel has been again unremarkable, doing Obama's bidding, cutting the military budget from many angles, and supporting and enacting Obama's 'gay/LGBT' plans for the military.

Back to the issue at hand.  After nearly two weeks of increasing outrage at Obama's exchange of five high-value Taliban leaders at GTMO for an Afghan soldier - Bowe Bergdahl - who apparently was a deserter and MAY be a Taliban sympathizer..... suddenly the White House has suddenly come up with the 'fact' that it was SecDef Chuck Hagel who made the call to do the exchange.  I find this hysterical after watching Obama's Rose Garden event (with Bergdahl's parents) where everything was 'I'...'me'...'I'...'I'...'I'... Never was Hagel's name mentioned.  It was only after the national feces hit the oscillating device that Hagel was dragged up and blamed.  Pin the 'tale' on the token Republican.  Brilliant!


Yep - it sucks to be Chuckie....

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