Sunday, August 2, 2015


Man, some of you people just wear me the hell out; mostly liberals since that group has become the gathering place for every damned moral, ethical and general misfit in society. Your piety and moral relevance make me want to stick my finger down my throat…….or bitch slap you into next week….but I think the finger down the throat is probably my best option.

Can we all agree that the dentist shooting the lion was insensitive? Beautiful, graceful animal, not dicking with anyone, but not really a national treasure. Zimbabwe has about an 80% unemployment rate, less than $1100 GDP per capita and its’ gross per capita is about what the US spends on some bullshit Obama socialist program per day. About 50-75 lions are killed in Zimbabwe and neighboring countries per year. My guess is that the dentist killing the lion will go un-noticed by a nation of illiterates. And the US Fish and Wildlife office has offered to track down this dentist and help Zimbabwe bring him to justice.

The US government has a hard on for a dentist for shooting a lion in another country.

Not for the Planned Parenthood butchers in this country.

Not for the Muslim that killed four Marines and a sailor.

Not for the illegal aliens that kill our citizens.

Not for ISIS that has killed Americans on video.

Not for four unanswered deaths in Benghazi.

A dentist, and a lion, in a fourth world crap hole.

How about a LITTLE proportionality from you idiots.

One Facebook warrior said that the western world was tired of hunting animals for food and sport. I don’t know this genius, but I can guarantee you I will not consider him when my wife serves up the fried chicken, or the steak from the cow that we get from a local farmer each year. And he can be a vegetarian, or a vegan, or a Martian, but spare me the sanctimony. In 1889 you could by a filet mignon dinner for less than a chicken dinner. Through innovation and ingenuity our people discovered techniques for raising chickens that would enable us to feed the world. So, go eat your bark and leave my chicken alone…..the two issues are not similar.

And neither is the lion.

I pity the lion, I do…..I would never hunt an animal for anything other than food or protection, and killing the lion was neither. It ain’t me….and it aint’ most of us.

But this says volumes about us. We can go crazy over a dead lion….but not the butchering of humans. 

And sadly, too few of you see the difference.

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  1. We are through the looking glass