Friday, August 28, 2015


Not sure about you.... but I'm sick to death of the RACIST LEFT in this country calling everything a Conservative says 'racist'.  The 'race card' is about worn out, and I, for one, have grown velly, velly tired of it.  But conversely, perhaps the left should be encouraged to keep calling anything they disagree with 'racist'.... like the boy who cried 'wolf'..... eventually people ignore you.

Read this think piece from the Washington Post at the link below .... ya know - I hate the August recess when Congress shuts down and goes home for a month - idiots like Cillizza have too much time on their hands and start dreaming up krap that they claim has six degrees of separation from the Grand Kleagle of the KKK..... (Is THAT the position Sen. Robert Byrd, D, WV held when he was in the Klan?)  Anyway..... I digress.

SILENT MAJORITY:  noun (origin)

The U.S. citizens who supported President Nixon's policies but who were not politically vocal, outspoken, or active; considered by him to constitute a majority.

Any group of people who are not outspoken and who are considered to constitute a majority.

These were the same people who elected Ronald Reagan..... RACISTS ALL!  lol

See the full presser at

BTW - Trump makes mention in this video of teaming up with Ted Cruz in the next 10-20 days to hold a an ANTI-IRAN TREATY rally........  GO DONALD!  GO TED!


  1. Off topic and on Hummingbirds. I think you will enjoy this.


    1. Interesting - THANKS!....haven't seen any hawks around - NOR any blue jays..... but what we DO have are mockingbirds - and one female has been around for 4 years and will eat raisins out of our hand.... (and from a plate less than 8' from the hummingbird feeder) As aggressive and territorial as Mockingbirds can be, it seems they are content to co-exist with the hummers........and vice versa.