Friday, August 28, 2015


CNN has announced that the selection for the next Republican debate (Wednesday, September 16) will be based on polls from June and July.  As candidate Carly Fiorina (who is now in 5th place among the Republican candidates) said this morning - 'this is CNN putting their finger on the scale' to keep her out of the debate.  I agree, because in my mind, she is the ONLY one who will fearlessly take it to Hillary and not be accused of a 'war on women'.

I have just sent the following message to Mr. Trump's campaign.
Mr. Trump - I am a Conservative woman who is thrilled that you are running for president.  Finally, someone is saying the things I THINK.... 
I would like for you to consider this - tell the powers at CNN that if Carly isn't on the stage for their debate, you won't be there either.  This will show you are NOT part of the fictional WoW, it would win you HUGE support from women, and it would show that you are a fair minded man.
Thank you for caring as much about this country as I do!

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