Saturday, May 7, 2016


[Ed. note:  Reince Priebus is the Chairman of the RNC - and it's time he started acting like it!  He has lost control of the party.  Time to get it back. ]

Dear Mr. Priebus:

I suggest the following, beginning with an OPEN letter from YOU to every Republican in the U.S. Congress, EVERY candidate who ran this year for president, including Donald Trump, stating that WE WILL NOW BRING THE PARTY TOGETHER!  GET ON BOARD OR HIT THE ROAD WALKING.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Republican Party:

The RNC is THE purse for the Republicans, and every candidate at the national level wants a piece of that pie.  I intend to put a lock on the funds until everyone gets in line.... beginning with Donald Trump.

Speaker Paul Ryan:  You were elected to your House seat by fewer than 200,000 voters. Get on board with our candidate immediately or you will not see a dime of funds for your re-election in November - NOT ONE DIME!  As Speaker, is it your duty to bring the party together - NOT be part of the problem.

President Bush 41 - remain silent on the election.  Enjoy your retirement.

President Bush 43 - time for your endorsement of Trump.  Make your reservation to be in Cleveland for the Convention.  End of Discussion.

Sen. Lindsey Graham:  You (and every other candidate) signed an agreement to support the REPUBLICAN NOMINEE.  You have a week to walk back your statements regarding supporting Trump.  The clock starts with the postmark on this letter.  Failure to get on board will disqualify you for any future funding by the RNC.

Gov. Jeb Bush:  See remarks to Lindsey Graham above.  Get on board with OUR CANDIDATE or your political career is definitely over.

Sen. Ted Cruz:  See instructions to Sen. Graham.

Gov. John Kasich:  Time to get on the team with OUR NOMINEE, or any hopes of a national career will go down the drain.

Gov. Mitt Romney:  You had your shot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Either get on board for Donald Trump or go back home and grow tomatoes.  Recall that Trump supported YOUR candidacy by word and pocketbook.  Man up or get out of the Republican Party.

Sen. John McCain:  Walk back YOUR lack of support for OUR CANDIDATE or I suggest you announce you've decided NOT to run for re-election.

To the remaining presidential candidates this year:  Thank you for your participation.  I look for each and every one of you to be on board with OUR NOMINEE within the week, as you also signed an agreement to support the winner.  I expect all of you to honor your word.

And finally - for now - Mr. Trump:  Cease and desist from the name-calling. We have money to raise and fences to mend.  You will have the complete support of the RNC.  Time for you to begin acting like the president you want history to remember you as.

Thank you all for your cooperation in advance.

RR Priebus

Reince Priebus
Republican National Committee