Friday, May 6, 2016


Donald Trump is not a Conservative. 

The media hates him, at least those in the media who purport that they are conservative. 

Fox News talking heads like Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes, Charles Krauthammer , just to name a few, have nothing good to say about Trump. They relish repeating over and over that he's NOT a Conservative, and they are totally befuddled that Trump is 'taking over the Conservative Republican party'.

First of all, guys - the Republican Party is not and HAS not been Conservative since Ronald Reagan - and you jerks fought Reagan tooth and nail! Having said that....

Tell me, gentlemen.... Why was Bob Dole acceptable? Why did you fall all over yourselves supporting Bush 41 and 43? Why was McCain fine with you? And FFS - WHY WAS ROMNEY the perfect Republican?

The truth is.... This is the first election in 18 years where the PRESS did NOT pick the Republican candidate - WE THE PEOPLE DID!  And that is stuck in your craw!

Hey Chuck, Bill and Stephen! Here's something for you to ponder. Donald Trump played you guys like a STRADIVARIUS - YOU paid for Trump's campaign by keeping him front and center, always wanting interviews with him - Trump loves the spotlight, especially when it's free. 

For what it's worth today, I don't think Donald Trump gives a krap about any of you and what you think ..... seriously! 


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