Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have been amazed all week at the casual way the intel gathered from the Bin Laden raid has been discussed by the people in the White House and by the press.  It was VP Biden who revealed that it was SEAL team 6 that did the raid!  I am still in shock over THAT!  In my humble opinion NONE OF THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN REVEALED.  We should not have even revealed that we GOT any intel, let alone what it was.  Apparently ‘classified’ or 'top secret', in this administration, only applies to Obama’s college transcripts.


  1. The boys and girls of this admin are just plain Stupit!

  2. I have figured out how to understand what Obozo is saying...
    When he says yes, he means No
    When he says he doesn't know; he does
    When he says The American People...bla bla bla, he means My people: the unions, the progressives, others who support me...
    When he says I am not racist: He is
    Got the picture?