Monday, May 16, 2011


This has been a busy few days for the 2012 election, beginning with the South Carolina debate and ending today with Newt shooting himself right through the heart (which doesn't bother me in the least).  The field right now is slim and in my mind, needs to get slimmer.

I was impressed with Herman Cain in the debate, but he has NO name recognition.  And while you would think he would take race out of the deck as an issue, we all know it will not.  He will be called an oreo and a house ni**er by the left.  He may be the best of what's out there now but I don't believe he has a chance.

If Romney is the candidate, we lose socialized healthcare as a club to beat Obama with - period.  There is nothing Romney can do or say that is going to do away with the fact that he's a New England RINO who gave his state a failed socialized medical system.  I would frankly rather have McCain as the candidate again as Romney.

Christie has said no way.  The left is pushing Mitch Daniels.  We let the democrats pick McCain for us - we cannot let them pick this time.  Daniels may be the wonder boy conservative and bright as a new sun, but he's short and he has bad hair, and like it or not, he does not look presidential.  He has also already lost the social conservatives with the comment that we (as republicans) need to get out of the social side of politics.  Goodbye evangelicals.

Tim Pawlenty cleans up good and I see him as a top tier candidate.  And I'm glad Huckabee has said he's not going to run.  As for Trump, he was a joke from day one, but I liked that he got in Obama's face, but he would get stale in a hurry... and the hair..... dear Lord.

Right now, today.... my choice is Michelle Bachmann.  She is a genuine conservative and she has the stones to get in Obama's face and call him out on his policies.  If we have a candidate who will not even use Obama's middle name, we can all stay home in 2012.  The left is trying to marginalize the Tea Party as a bunch of froot loops but I think they are way off base.  People are indeed tired of the government spending, the rising inflation, and the entitlement mentality.  It's got to stop.  I think she is the one who can stay on message and is NOT afraid to DELIVER THE MESSAGE.  She's smart, she knows what she believes in, and she's not afraid to say it!


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