Wednesday, May 4, 2011


H/T to 'Another Black Conservative'

Obama will visit Ground Zero on Thursday, for the first time since taking office, to accept the mantle of Supreme Terror Fighter.  Bush, who coined the term ‘War or Terror’ was also invited to attend but declined.  Obama will celebrate the success of his ‘Overseas Contingency’ as he walks in Bush’s footsteps.  No word if Clinton was invited, but if he’s there, I’m sure he will still be wishing 911 took place under his watch.

The current administration has long made it clear it didn’t approve of Bush’s approach after 911, saying it has battled global terrorism in a smarter, more law-abiding and ultimately more successful way.

“I think the credit for the focus and the fight … is shared by both administrations,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Tuesday.

But he quickly differentiated Obama’s approach, saying the president has presided over a “refocus” and “revitalization” of Bush policies that pulled troops from Iraq and bolstered the effort to suppress Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Yeah, right.

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