Sunday, May 1, 2011


In bed last night watching the highlights of the Royal Wedding on CNN (yes – CNN – I actually had to unblock the channel but I thought WTH – let’s see how the ‘other’ press covers something THIS neutral) when they cut to the White House Correspondents Dinner – just as Obama was about to stand and do his shtick – so I left it there and listened.

Well, if you didn’t see it, go look around on YouTube – I’m sure there are selected cuts…. Before I tell you that I thought Obama was snarky and mean, let me put up this disclaimer – I despise the man and all that he stands for and if he collapsed at my feet, I wouldn’t give him a jar of air.  There was nothing he could do or say last night that was going to change my opinion of him. 

OK.  Having said that, Obama was snarky and mean, and while the crowd roared at times, they also OOOOOOOOOOO’d, meaning they thought he was snarky and mean, too. 

His main target was Trump and FOX News, though he did have a line or two of self-deprecating humor, such as ‘they say I’m arrogant…. The cure for that is a look at my poll numbers’…. And that’s the darn truth – didn’t know polls could be so low after only 28 month of a term.  And Seth Whoever, from SNL I think, was funny at the start, and then HE got snarky and mean.  The only person in the room who was NOT having fun was Donald Trump, though he did chuckle a time or two.  The camera focused on Trump 75% of the time and I honestly expected him to stand up and give Obama the finger at any minute!  He most definitely was NOT happy.

I’ll be eager to see what the talking heads have to say.  I watched about five minutes of the CNN commentators right after the dinner ended.  The only thing missing was Chris Matthews with a major wet spot on his trousers, because the network female giving her opinion was obviously in the throes of a major Obamorgasm.  Even the guys were breathless. 

I turned off the TV and dreamed Obama was re-elected.  It was truly the worst nightmare I’ve ever had.
*clink*  (oh hell yeah!)

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