Thursday, August 11, 2011


It’s not an awkward situation for Barack Obama to choose between personal pleasure and solving the nation’s problems because we all know whose goals King Barack places first.  Rather it’s the awkward situation of what to do after the daily round of golf: riding his girly bike, shopping, sightseeing, eating ice cream and fries, planning fundraisers, acknowledging the peasants, worrying about what roadside bombs Sarah Palin is planning to lay along his upcoming bus tour or blaming Bush and the Republicans for whatever goes wrong this week. So much to do … so little time.  []

At a time when many more cash-strapped Americans are stuck at home instead of vacationing at the beach, President Obama next week will lead an entourage of SEVERAL DOZENS to exclusive Martha's Vineyard island at a cost of millions to taxpayers.

While technically he is paying for his estimated $50,000 a week rental of the 28-acre beachfront Blue Heron Farm in woodsy Chilmark, the dozens of U.S. Secret Service agents, communications officials, top aides, drivers, and U.S. Coast Guard personnel with him will be covered by taxpayers as with every other presidential vacation.

His 11-day stay will require the Coast Guard to keep ships floating near Obama's farm, a presidential helicopter and jet at the ready and security agents on 24-hour duty. Armored SUVs dubbed "war wagons" have been flown in to carry the presidential family around the island.  The motorcade is CUT IN HALF, to about 20 cars.  [WELL I FEEL BETTER NOW!]

Obama will certainly have a lot of space to brainstorm. The $20 million farm on Cobbs Hill Road features four dwellings, a swimming pool and a basketball court. Google Earth shows that there is also a single hole golf area with two bunkers. The president, his wife and two daughters can also go to private Squibnocket Beach or Great Pond. There is an apple orchard, and flower and vegetable gardens. [WILL OBAMA BE EATING PEAS?]

Remember that before heading for The Vineyard, Obama will take a 3-day bus ‘listening tour’ [ROFLMAO] through Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.  No telling how much the BUSCADE will cost American taxpayers.  This mini-buscade will just have two bulletproof buses.... where does one get those?

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