Monday, August 15, 2011


This summer has been amazing with the hummingbirds..... 'mine' came back early - I know they were the same bunch from last summer because they were not shy at all about sitting on my fingers from day one...  there was one particular female I named blondie - the top of her head was gold - totally gold.  I don't think she was a variety other than a ruby-throat with a little mutation - but she has had four babies this summer that are without question here, because the two females and the two males.... have identical blonde heads.  And the one I called my 'ugly duckling' is improving, but not very fast!  My feeder holds a quart of go-juice and I'm filling it up four times a day now... and when I get up in the morning, they are waiting impatiently for breakfast.  There's nothing I enjoy more than having my morning coffee and watching them feed - the feeder has 10 holes and often there are two birds eating at the same hole and there are always another dozen buzzing around waiting for a turn.  I'm taking the pictures thru the window - that's why there's a reflection of the camera - ugh!  Enjoy.... (and click to enlarge)

6/13/2015:  Just a little update.... Blondie (and several of her babies) are still coming to our feeders - they are here again this summer..... unbelievable!

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