Thursday, August 11, 2011


First of all, Perry should have gotten IN or waited until next week.  I think Iowa will make him pay for sucking the wind out of their straw poll sails by announcing his run on Saturday.  It seems to be a deliberate snub of something Iowans apparently take seriously.  Did you know they have to pay $30 to vote in this straw poll?

BACHMANN  on the economy:  should not have increased debt ceiling; then polispeak; responding to Pawlenty:  Implemented Cap and Trade.. got ugly between her and Pawlenty – good comeback to Pawlenty's accusations of no accomplishments

CAIN on the economy:  make tax rates permanent… good answer

GINGRICH  on the economy – how qualified?  Good answer on how to work with a divided government – excellent answer

HUNTSMAN  will convene a council of business leaders on the economy – no details

PAUL  on the economy: good answer but a little hard to understand – clumsy answer

PAWLENTY talked about growth target… plan on website… dinged Obama on no plans for SS, medicare, Medicaid… show him Obama’s plans and he’ll come cook your dinner; was asked by Chris Wallace if Bachmann was unqualified?  Good answer on migraines; says Bachmann has no accomplishments in Congress… touted his record in Minnesota; Bachmann fired back with strong answers

ROMNEY  on the economy:  7 points – great answer.. debt ceiling?  Favors cut/cap/balance….Mass was 47 of 50 in job creation – said he learned how the economy works… he and Cain are only two with business experience

SANTORUM last to answer on growth…4-point plan to bring jobs back to America; cut corporate tax rate to zero

OVERALL FIRST ROUND:  Questioners concentrated on Romney, Bachmann and Pawlenty but all did well and none seemed nervous – great start

****************** FIRST COMMERCIAL BREAK

BACHMANN  cig tax increase opposed but voted for it in Minn… fought that tax and blamed Pawlenty – had abortion legislation in same bill – she opted for LIFE – Pawlenty accused her of not getting results.  She said she stands on her convictions – says she’s pro-life without exception... on healthcare said 10th Amendment  government had no authority to require a citizen to buy a product against their will – clearly unconstitutional at any level – will repeal Obamacare

CAIN – Wallace asked Cain about banning Muslims, wanting to talk to generals, didn’t know right of return….. how can he let people he knows enough…. Stood up on his Muslim stance…. Gave a great reply
Obama – aligators and a moat on the border – got laughs on reply – had great answer – LEGAL immigration – empower states – fences and open doors – good answer

GINGRICH  started with Newt – campaign a mess?  Whoa!  Shot Chris Wallace down about staff quitting…. Said Congress should get back from vacation and get to work – Wallace got boo’d on his retort…. Crowd loved Newt’s answers and I did too...Wants boards to choose who stays and who goes – Obama’s speech was example of failure regarding immigration – control border with homeland security people – cheers – official language - English

HUNTSMAN – asked about endorsing same sex unions, endorsed cap and trade, and served in Obama’s cabinet….. asked if he was running in the wrong party…had a strong response regarding his record - Illegal immigration…… Huntsman says build a fence and solve immigration problem by securing the border first… good answer

PAUL  opposed system for employers to verify employees status – doesn’t want them to be the policemen…. No amnesty but deal … bring troops home and use them to guard our borders… got a little rambly talking about drugs and guns – no entitlements to illegals and no mandates on states...Asked about states requiring residents to buy insurance – says everyone does well under state run except patients and doctors…. Favors medical savings accounts – cheers from the crowd

PAWLENTY   said balanced budgets…. No taxes… but added a tax on cigarettes – do you agree that sometimes taxes have to be raised – said no…..  ended with a surplus – regretted the cig tax…. Called it a ‘fee’ … said Obama should cancel vacation and call Congress back...Healthcare:  Obamney Care…. Called Romney a co-conspirator on healthcare – patterned after Mass plan…  says Mitt spends like Obama, Mitt’s judicial selections were not conservative while his (Pawlenty) were constructionists

ROMNEY  favored hiring skilled foreign labor – does he still favor that?  Favors letting best and brightest stay after getting education – immigration has to be legal – crack down on employers who hire illegals...Said he cut taxes 19 times – got an increase in credit rating for Mass.  Cut spending and balanced budget every year – credit upgrade...Romney to Pawlenty – said his healthcare was not like Obama’s….. will grant waivers to all states on first day as president – will repeal… and let states decide what’s right

SANTORUM – waving his hand that he’s not getting any time – laughter – good sense of humor…. Super committee to cut deficit now set – what ratio of cuts to taxes would you accept – NONE…. HAVE TO STOP SPENDING… willing to compromise…. Will not raise taxes
Favors medical savings accounts – said country is based on moral laws and states do not have the right to do wrong – states don’t have the right to trample citizens because of the 10th amendment

Question to all:  if you got a 10:1 deal on spending cuts: tax increases  - all raised hand to NOT raise taxes…. Newt slams debt commission as irrational.  FANTASTIC ANSWER – get rid of secret phony business……. Audience cheered

At this point in the debate, Newt is the only one with fire who is not giving canned answers...... he knows his shit

**************************  SECOND COMMERCIAL BREAK
Lightening round...

BACHMANN – is Palin stealing her thunder – no – she likes Palin
Won’t win the war on terror by closing GITMO …. Says Paul’s wrong – war criminals should have no rights under our Constitution – use GITMO because it produces intel – as president she will do everything to keep Iran from being a nuclear power

CAIN  welcome to the contest – doesn’t bother him – just one more politician that makes Cain look good – on Iran, thinks we need energy independence… energy is directly related to national security… will defend Israel.. good answer

GINGRICH – Perry has a great record; Palin has a nationwide audience; their prerogative to get in when they choose; on Libya…  another gotcha and Newt fired back …. Need to rethink Afghan and Iraq…. Pay attention to Iran… bad situation

HUNTSMAN  crack about all needing prayers and hope Perry will pray – nasty and uncalled for - On cyber spying by China…. Is a cyber attack an act of war – absolutely.  Need a strategic dialog with China. We need a president who knows about China

PAUL – mic messed up – didn’t hear…. Pleased Perry is coming in for contrast
Paul says Obama is too tough on Iran…. Paul doesn’t believe Iran’s a problem – he’s a dumbass on this one IMHO… wants peace and free trade and stay out of internal politics… thinks nukes is their right since everyone around them has nukes – favors trials for terrorists

PAWLENTY – asked about 5 more killed today following 30 killed – is Afghan still worth it?  Replied  - pause and reflect on loss of life – thanks and thoughts and prayers to families…. Justified to invade Afghan – 10 years later, would follow generals’ recommendations on withdrawal
Sanctions or military action in Iran?  Deny their intentions – sanctions, computer viruses…. Syria – president is ignoring problem there – naïve foreign policy – Obama anti-Israel…. We need to stand by Israel

ROMNEY  two statements on war – we’ve helped the people of Afghan – now the people need to take over while we get out – use generals’ timetable – Obama didn’t listen and made political decision

SANTORUM – author of plan to impose sanctions against Iran… has killed more Americans than Iraqis and Afghanis….  Moderator cut Santorum off….
Said Holder it nuts for wanting to try war criminals in this country – will not apologize for America – Iran must be confronted – Iran will NOT get a nuke

Question to all:  Since Perry isn’t there, what are your thoughts on him getting in

This was the Ron Paul segment – he got far too much time and the others were short-changed .  Really bad time management by Baier.  Paul came across as a froot loop.  Newt is a bit contentious but I can't say I blame him.  Cain had a good round; Pawlenty didn't get much time and he faded a bit.  Bachmann hung in there.  Huntsman had a good answer on China but he's not well rounded and lacks force.  Romney whines.

*************************  THIRD COMMERCIAL BREAK

Social Issues

BACHMANN  in 2006… wanted to study tax law - husband said she should …. Said Lord said ‘be submissibe’ and she did what her husband said – would she be submissive to her husband?  SHITTY QUESITON – CROWD BOO’D… EXCELLENT RESPONSE – on marriage – will not nominate activist judges – one man one woman
Voted against cut cap and balance and against debt increase…. Congress gave Obama 2.4 trillion with no cuts – madness…. Worse thing is to continue borrowing

CAIN  re Romney’s faith – a problem to southerners… why?  Listens to people in Georgia – they aren’t clear how his religion relates to Christian religion..  stressed first amendment – sorta week answer
Didn’t agree with raising the debt ceiling – pay what needs to be paid and cut the rest based on performance – Congress took the easy way out;  excellent answer on bringing companies back to the US…. He’s about growth in jobs

GINGRICH – loyalty oath/test??  Not just to Muslims – will apply to all in his administration…. Nothing illegitimate about making sure people working for the US are loyal to the US… excellent answer… security in government a priority
Unemployment made worse by Federal Reserve…. Thinks we need Fed to deal with worldwide monetary policy… Fed should be public, audited, expose all bailouts – scandalous that Fed is so secretive…. Primary villan…… crowd cheers

HUNTSMAN  supports civil unions – why are you right?  He believes in traditional marriage but also believes in civil unions… reciprocal rights……. Weak answer – believes in equality
Time in private sector…. 12000 workers at his private company – 10000 were hired overseas‼‼!  Better at creating jobs overseas – slammed regulations and EPA as a block to business… need regulatory reform – end EPA – more competitive environment – yada yada yada

PAUL  marriage should be defined by the state?  Is polagamy ok?  No government involvement – states only if they must – why a license?  Let them do what they want?  BULLSHIT………
Save the fed – right or wrong?  Have no idea what he said… LOL

PAWLENTY says he’s the strongest pro-life candidate…. From a National Review interview…. Personal view abortion would be ok if life of mother is in jeopardy – doctors should be punished if abortion is illegal

ROMNEY re: gay marriage in Mass…. Does he believe state lawmakers have the right to define marriage legal?……. Believes the law should be a FEDERAL law because people move..
Would he extend jobless benefits?  Will help those unemployed – but dodged the question – rather see reform of the system…. Wouldn’t answer the question about extending unemployment

SANTORUM  believes Paul is a nut!  LOL…. Campaigned in Iowa to defeat judges who voted for gay marriages in Iowa… cheers from audience….  On abortion – doctors performing abortion should be criminals…. Is he too conservative?  EXCELLENT ANSWER – rapist can’t be killed but child created by a rape can be?
Tea party goal – gold standard but he opposes….. how can he be Tea Party?  Wants Fed reforms, disagrees with Paul and agrees with Newt about auditing Fed – pushing a balanced budget amendment

Whew!  No one really did the ‘shine’ thing this round.  I must be getting tired!  Santorum was really strong on social issues - abortion and marriage; Romney sounded like a pol..... danced around answers

*************************  FOURTH COMMERCIAL BREAK

BACHMANN  Good news – will send a message in two days  to Obama that he’s out in 2012

CAIN – No Child Left Behind – has faults and is an unfunded mandate – federal gov’t has no business micromanaging education; America needs a leader and a uniter… concentrates on growth of private sector

GINGRICH  thanks to all – presidential election is 15 months away – crisis is NOW – Congress needs to get back to work NOW and start saving America

HUNTSMAN  wants to do away with No Child Left Behind…. Education should be local – choice, vouchers
I love this country – it’s hurting, scared and bankrupt – cancer of debt growing – I will win on solutions

PAUL  in politics for 35 years – liberty comes from our creator – goals of peace and prosperity – reform monetary system – gold standard – lower regs and taxes

PAWLENTY – must protect our freedom – effective tested conservative leadership

ROMNEY  Economic crisis – Obama out of his depth and doesn’t understand – Romney believes in opportunity and freedom

SANTORUM   Closing:  thanks to all
okkkkkkk.... Newt was strong; Romney was political and not as impressive as I expected; Bachmann was strong but a bit repetitive; Pawlenty made all his points but didn't get as much time; Ron Paul goes from making sense to being nutty; Santorum was the most sincere; Cain was much improved from previous debate; Huntsman was there but not memorable........... my vote goes to Newt


  1. I'm not sure I can express my disgust with the feds and those pushing for permission to control what happens with your body or mine either! Roe v Wade has been decided, it's fucking over, deal with it!

    Huntsman is a piece of shit. Rich boy that did not listen to daddy, but fer sure used his money generating machine for personal gain. The entire state of Utah had a party the day he got selected to go play missionary for obomb-ba in china! Hell even the church leaders got drunkard.

    Santorm is a fucking warlord that will do his best to put your kid in Iran with a gun and for reasons I still don't understand. So what if they git a nuke. What they use ONE once and disappear off the face of the earth? We can drill through Glass in an active environment! Iran is not worth the bits I've consumed writing about it!

    Romney came across as the politico that he is. Too bad the fucker is so visually appealing. He is a good man, has some good background and past going for him. But he is not a person we desire as a POTUS.

    Cain, Wrong time for this coloring book. sorry he is a good man, just aint gonna happen twice in a row. Call back in say 100 years or such.

    GINGRICH flat out kicked sum ass. He is one very smart and learned person. I respect him a bunch. Won't declare to vote for him but he is pretty sharp feller and fer sure took down Wallace in fine style!

    Ron Paul the kook. Well I fully understand that RP would never get the nod, or win if he did. Very poor speaker and falls off topic to point of confusing his audience as often as he opens his mouth. But his brain is working, and working along the constraints of the constitution of the united states. I'm sure he can hire or appoint good folks that can talk and put it all back together without him having to be in the public eye. Oh and he nailed the war monger to the frickin wall over Iran!

    One must remember after so many years of being told too many things by both govt and churches, most anything that sounds like real personal choice and personal decisions sounds crazy as hell!

    I'm actually ready as can be for bat shit crazy! No I do not desire crazy, I do desire somebody that can and would break some glass in DC and all across the nation. Cuz it's time to break some glass!

  2. RRR is just a baby killer. You don't care about the baby and that is sick. What about Life, Liberty and the persuet of Happiness? Do they not count any more? Have you seen what the babies go through when they get aborted? Watch a video and then tell me you have the right to torture and kill that baby.

  3. Ron Paul has some good ideas.
    But he is flat wrong about Israel and the military.As for the military he would be George Mc Govern on steroids.