Friday, November 30, 2012


Today’s a sad day for me – a social networking site I’ve been on for several years is closing down at midnight tonight.  It started in 2004, about the same time Facebook his the scene and it just never took off like FB, which I never understood because it has a fantastic format.  I had been on Yahoo360 and when it announced it was closing down a crowd of folks I’d come to know all migrated to Multiply and we’ve been there for nearly five years.  Multiply was an upgrade of 360, with more emphasis on blogging and media sharing.  It was free, or you could pay $20/year for a ‘premium’ account and not have the ad banners on your page.  I met more wonderful people there and when the closing was announced, everyone began to scurry around looking for another site to land on.

One of the Multiply guys and his wife created a new site called ANOTHERBLOGSPOT, and many have gone there.  They’ve done this on their own time and out of the goodness of their heart, and it improves all the time.  I think 90% of their members are Multiply immigrants.  The format is a cross between Multiply and Facebook, and the developers are always open to suggestions on how to make it better.  It’s open to everyone so feel free to check it out.

Lots of people went to Blogster, and a few went to Ipernity.  I came here to blogger/blogspot a couple of years ago because they had a provision for adult content, which Multiply would close you down for.  I love the format here but I miss the social interaction/chat features of the other networking sites.  But Blogger has so many interesting, funny and thoughtful writers that I will be HERE until they close this down.  Blogger also doesn’t have the pervs and stalkers the social sites seem to attract and that’s a huge plus!

So today marks the end of a fun run with some fantastic people.  Best wishes to each and every one of the friends and acquaintances I’ve met along the way.


Mid-December update:  Multiply is still open without explanation, but many members migrated to other social blogging sites before the December 1 deadline.  My guess is they were unable to separate the blogging/social side from their 'marketplace' clients... velly interesting.....

End of January, 2013..... still up and running... shame so many users jumped ship when the closing was announced in September

February 24, 2013:  Still going wide open - I hope they have changed their minds!


  1. Never heard of that particular site, but sounds interesting, none the less.
    Going to look in ANOTHERBLOGSPOT.

  2. Well, seems Multiply is STILL up and running. I suspect the technoidiots haven't figured how to separate the social networking side from the Marketplace they so desperately want to turn the place into. I find that hysterical!

  3. Today it's closed for good.

  4. It's still there now.... but wouldn't surprise me - it's way past due to shut down

  5. well.. it's down now ;(

  6. Mul;tiply lost a lot of money in the PHilippines read a blog that talks about that. click my name for the link.

    1. Interesting - thanks for the link. I've shared it with some of my Ply friends that I'm still in contact with. They certainly didn't last long after they jettisoned the social side, did they?