Wednesday, March 30, 2011


After hearing his speech to the American people on Monday night (so funny that ABC wouldn’t carry it if it interfered with Dancing With The Stars – we really have our priorities, don’t we!), everything has been made perfectly clear.  Except... well... for just one or two points.

For instance, Obama described the great humanitarian purpose of sending cruise missiles into Libya, but neglected to mention that it was in support of rebels who were attempting to overthrow the government.  Or that some of those rebels are affiliated with Al Qaeda.  Come to think of it, he never mentioned the Libyan rebels at all.

The president emphasized that he authorized military force to protect America's ‘interests and values’... although his Defense Secretary Robert Gates says that our country has no ‘vital interest’ there, and Barack Obama has previously only mentioned American ‘values’ when condemning them overseas.

After reviewing his speech, the president didn't exactly make clear why we want to intervene in Libya but not any of the other hotspots in the world... although the distinction may have been made a bit clearer when an official in his administration announced that Libyan rebels (remember them?) could now start selling oil.

But despite his ‘go it alone,’ ‘cowboy diplomacy,’ ‘do it for oil,’ attitude, Mr. Obama took time to distance himself from President George Bush... making a sneering reference to the many years that ‘regime change’  has taken in Iraq, versus Obama's ‘days not weeks’ miracle in Libya.  And you KNOW that the MSM is dying to claim that Obama’s such a fantastic CinC that ‘his war’ was a roaring FAST success.

He didn't clarify his 'Gadhafi has to go' comment, followed by ' If Gadhafi stays..'.  Hmmm.. guess he's leaving himself some wiggle room there, but the press hasn't 'pressed' him on that one.

He didn't quite explain exactly when our military involvement there will end, but he DID say the handover to NATO would be Wednesday, to which NATO said ‘whoaaa, cowboy – not so fast’.  And I must have missed what our ultimate goal is.  Or why he prefers to consult with the U.N. on military matters rather than America's elected officials.

Stay tuned – I’m sure it will all be clear soon.

p.s.  What the hell is a 'kinetic military action'?  Is that better or worse than an 'overseas contingency plan'?

H/T to Hope & Change with editorial inserts by me!


  1. Kinetic:

    of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith

    Kinetic military action:

    Means we're gonna break things and kill people.

    But make it sound like we are sending food and water to island survivors.

    I wish dis boy would go over and take Gaddaffy ducks place. He said he desired a regime change right? One moslime for another.

    Fair Trade.

  2. I just learned another new term.

    White House: Libya Is Not a “War” — It’s the “Use of Military Force in Concert With Our Allies”…

    It's got daaumed "Concert"!

  3. Works for me! I think they would love Obama and his wife in Tripoli