Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is from Hope & Change....

The White House delivered good news to Colonel Muammar Gadhafi yesterday when, in attempting to explain Barack Obama's increasingly confusing goals in Libya (currently believed to be "we're staying until Duke wins") a spokesman said that the American mission is now to "install a democratic system"...which sounds just a teeny bit more ambitious than a no-fly zone.

But the reason this is good news for Gadhafi is because if he just follows Obama's model of "democracy," he won't really have to change very much to be in compliance!

Free elections?  No problem...especially when you can have armed hooligans at the polling places (and make sure they're not prosecuted) and a "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" voter registration system.

Bipartisanship?  The same kind that Obama used in ramming through healthcare...and adding secret funding language to disempower future legislators?  Well, that should be easy.

Election results not in your favor?  Again, not an issue - just have your minority representatives ride camels to the nearest Oasis to cool their heels, then have a judge declare that the majority party can't legally make a move without them!

With conditions this easy to meet, we assume that Colonel Gadhafi will be striking a deal with America's alleged president any day now.  Before anyone thinks to really raise the stakes and demand not just democracy...but freedom.

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