Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Taking a page from the Ronald Reagan handbook (keep it simple)…. My platform for my presidential run will be:

#1  JOB GROWTH THRU ENERGY INDEPENDENCE:  Mine for coal… increases jobs from mining to equipment manufacturing to transportation to end use; same effects for oil industry ….  But add reduction in prices of fuel which reduces costs of goods transported overland, saves consumers at the pump; same effects for nuclear industry – put construction on the fast track with facilities already in the permitting pipeline – we do not need more taxes, we need more taxPAYERS - this is NOT a trickle down job creation policy - there will be job creation in every direction.  

#2  COMPLETE REALIGNMENT OF OUR FOREIGN POLICY:  Cease all foreign aid (other than humanitarian) to all countries that do not support us; stop funding the United Nations and give them six months to vacate the premises AND the country; review ALL trade agreements and commence treating other countries’ imports as they treat ours – no exceptions;  and we WILL stand behind our allies at all times

#3  NATIONAL SECURITY:  We WILL profile.  We WILL protect our borders.  We WILL stop illegal immigration.  We will repeal the ‘anchor baby’ law.  We will make it illegal to hire 'undocumented Democrats' for any job.  We will build the missile defense system in Poland.  We WILL be the superpower of the world again.

#4  REDUCE THE SIZE AND SCOPE OF GOVERNMENT:  Begin the privatization of Social Security with the goal of being out of the retirement business in a generation; get mostly out of the insurance business (Obamacare, Medicare) with the goal of citizens taking responsibility for their OWN needs; and on day #1, institute a spending AND hiring freeze for the entire federal government and implement a 5% ANNUAL BUDGET REDUCTION IN EVERY DEPARTMENT EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY… a real baseline cut – not a 5% reduction in the rate of growth (this one would be the ‘January Surprise’ since it would be a bitch to campaign on.)

Keep it simple, stupid!

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