Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is too funny on two counts:  First that a stupid DEFEATED politician would get back in the public eye with something this incredible…. And secondly, that a JUDGE would let this go forward.  I mean – even if the dude wins the suit, he’s not gonna get his seat back.  Seems Ohio has it’s share of froot loops.

On another ‘Ohio’ note, Gov. John Kasich is in a suit with the unions similar to the one Wisconsin’s Scott Walker was in last spring.  Yesterday, our #1 RINO Mitt visited a call center (where volunteers were Trying to drum up support for Kasich) and spent 45 minutes …
Romney, who would not speak to the media, and told Ohio Republican Party chairman Kevin DeWine as he left the building ... that he was not endorsing either Issue 2 – which would repeal the GOP backed bill that limit collective bargaining for public employees, or Issue 3, which would allow Ohioans to opt out of the mandatory health care coverage portion of the health care law passed by Democrats in Congress last year.


This asshole WON’T TAKE A STAND?  Just what we need in the White House‼‼  Piss off, Romney!

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