Monday, October 31, 2011


The AVERAGE salary for the top 10 highest paid celebrities is $100,000,000 while the AVERAGE salary for the top 10 highest paid CEO’s is $43,000,000.

So why does Obama go after the CEO’s?  Why does he want to put a cap on their salary?  Why did Obama want to run General Motors?  Why did Obama force the banks to take bailouts?

If you gave the most obvious answer - that Hollywood supports the left, you would be wrong.  It’s all about power.  Politicians can ‘control’ corporations by controlling those at the top.  By running GM, Obama could force them to build the Volt.  By holding the sword over the banking industry, the banks can be forced to make bad loans.  Politicians can’t have any power over celebrities without serious repercussions.

Excerpts from another brilliant article by Walter E. Williams…..
Why is it that rich CEOs are demonized and not celebrities? A clue might be found if you asked: Who's doing the demonizing? It turns out that the demonizing is led by politicians and leftists with the help of the news media, and like sheep, the public often goes along. .. Why demonize CEOs?  If all CEOs worked for nothing, it would mean absolutely little or nothing to the average American's bottom line.
For politicians, it's another story: Demonize people whose power you want to usurp. That's the typical way totalitarians gain power.  They give the masses someone to hate.  In 18th-century France, it was Maximilien Robespierre's promoting hatred of the aristocracy that was the key to his acquiring more dictatorial power than the aristocracy had ever had. In the 20th century, the communists gained power by promoting public hatred of the czars and capitalists.  In Germany, Adolf Hitler gained power by promoting hatred of Jews and Bolsheviks.  In each case, the power gained led to greater misery and bloodshed than anything the old regime could have done…
I am saying that promoting jealousy, fear and hate is an effective strategy for politicians and their liberal followers to control and micromanage businesses.  It's not about the amount of money people earn. If it were, politicians and leftists would be promoting jealousy, fear and hate toward multimillionaire Hollywood and celebrities and sports stars, such as LeBron James ($48 million), Tiger Woods ($75 million) and Peyton Manning ($38 million). But there is no way that politicians could take over the roles of Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga and LeBron James. That means celebrities can make any amount of money they want and it matters not one iota politically. 
The Occupy Wall Street crowd shouldn't focus its anger at wealthy CEOs. A far more appropriate target would be the U.S. Congress.
[and the White House]


  1. This is their way (Hollywood and the political friends) to bring down those of the top 1%, so they are the lone man on the totem pole.
    Problem is then, once they have brought down the CEO's, who can they go after but themselves, which they should be doing in the first place. :)

  2. And you are a coward for leaving a comment anonymously - typical leftist

  3. If we strip the rich of there wealth then you are left with another third world country. Is this the pursuit and desire to which people are seeking. Will this inherently bring people together and solve the worlds problems. I have never seen a poor man offer individuals careers, pay them a salary so they can buy a house, raise there family and send there kids to college. Rather then seek to dismantle the rich in an attempt to make all men equally poor, why not Elevate the poor to that of the rich. Give all men the opportunity to attain success by creating value driven initiatives that incentivize men/women to excel and better themselves. Government at this point is a liability to success not an asset. They are elected by the people For The People and therefore do not have the right to limit a persons success. However they do have the right to implement strong and just penalties and consequences to those that abuse there success by destroying the financial lives of others. There are definitive and decisive ways to bring about an end to the current state of the economy in a very timely fashion and get Americans and those around the world back to work. Stripping the wealth of there money Is Not It, that will only destroy this country leave it vulnerable, and unfortunately that is what is happening now! I Hope this message resonates and instills power back to the people to take back there country and honor those that have died giving this country the opportunity to be what it has been and still can be today! A prosperous country devoted to giving every man/woman the same opportunity to attain any level of success they desire without the government usurping its role and capping the dreams of you!
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