Thursday, December 29, 2011


USA TODAY HEADLINE:  Petraeus almost quit over Obama drawdown in Afghanistan
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Would everyone who thinks Obama appointed Petraeus head of the CIA to preclude him running for president, please raise your hand.   Obummer is nothing if not diabolical.

A new book due out in January [All In: The Education of General David Petraeus] describes Petraeus' frustration at still being labeled an outsider from the Obama administration, even as he retired from the military at Obama's request before taking the job last summer as the CIA's 20th director. ... It also is peppered with Petraeus quotes that sound like olive branches meant to soothe Obama aides who feared Petraeus would challenge their boss for the White House.

The general accepted a cut in authority and pay to lead the Afghanistan war campaign when Gen. Stanley McChrystal was forced to resign.

The fact that Patraeus did NOT resign in protest to Obama’s totally stupid military political decision to draw down in Afghanistan suggests to me, at least, that he has no more principles than Colin Powell…. Makes me wonder what we are ‘breeding’ in our new, GLBT friendly military.

In 1977, Carter fired Major Gen. John K. Singlaub as chief of staff of U.S. forces in South Korea after Singlaub publicly criticized Carter's decision to withdraw troops from the peninsula, saying it could lead to war. Singlaub knew Carter would have no choice but to fire him for comments bordering insubordination, but he was a man of principle for speaking his mind and taking his punishment - you can't say that about Powell and Petraeus

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