Friday, December 30, 2011


On Christmas morning [yep - CHRISTMAS] a MUSLIM father [yep - MUSLIM], apparently not pleased that his daughter was dating an infidel, opened fire on his entire family, killing 6 before turning the gun on himself.

NOWHERE in the mainstream media coverage of this tragedy do you find the word 'Muslim' used. Even the Al Jazeera News failed to mention the family was of the Islamic faith.  Much of the initial coverage simply implied the family had financial problems.

A CBS news update today never mentioned the shooter's ethnicity.... CBS says Santa was upset by his wife's success.... oh yeah - that's a great reason to mow down the family.

How's THAT for unbiased news coverage, people?  How much longer are we going to ignore the frigging ELEPHANT in the room?  Or the one in our nation????

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  1. We ignore these animals at our own peril.