Thursday, December 15, 2011


Apparently Barbara Walters had a 90 minute (OMG!) show last night on her 10 most interesting people of 2011.... IMHO - if this crowd is the best she could come up with, we are in deep shit defining 'interesting'.  No wonder I only watch sports and FNC!  (And I had no IDEA that ABC had a show with a gay couple!!!  WTF!)

10-9-8: Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian: They marry, procreate and Tweet for money. Their total and complete lack of personality is kind of fascinating, we guess. 

7: Simon Cowell: One of the world's most successful music executives. Wears tight t-shirts. Speaks his mind. 

6: Derek Jeter: Perhaps the most boring, least fascinating athlete on the planet. He plays very hard, is respectful of the game and, by all accounts, is a very nice guy. Does any of that make him an especially interesting individual? 

5: Donald Trump: Okay, his hair is pretty fascinating. 

4: Katy Perry: She sings fun pop ballads and wears weird outfits. Is anyone fascinated by the artist herself? Or do you just wanna bop around to "Last Friday Night?" 

3: Pippa Middleton: Acceptable. The public is clearly fascinated by her and for good reason. Total cutie alert! 

2: Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson: They are actors who portray a gay couple. How fascinating, right?!? Think it's a coincidence they also star on an ABC show?

1:  I have no idea because I didn't watch.  But based on 2-10, I would rather be reading Time Magazine's cover story on their Person(s) of the Year!

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  1. I have to post a comment, first of all I love FNC I am a conservative republican. I love Bill O'reilly and Glenn Beck but one thing I should say is I am a lesbian. I don't believe in gay marriage what so ever because marriage is meant for a man and women, but I am gay and hate when people stereo type gay ppl into being liberal. I beleive in everything I'm sure you probably do except I am a gay women. I live my live quietly and am quite ashamed of it but it's honestly something I can't seem to overcome. I wish I felt the way about men most women do but I don't and for some reason my brain won't think that way. All I ask of you is to please stop hating on Gays because not all of them want/choose to be and some, I believe fully support the same believe system you probably do but it makes it hard when comments such as these are posted. Thank you for reading my post, God Bless

  2. Thanks for your comment. Let me say, I respect your life-style choice and you SHOULD NOT BE ASHAMED of who you are - EVER!

    This post had far less to do with the gay lifestyle than the fact that I'm a huge fan of REVENGE and ABC cancelled it for this special, which IMHO had little to commend it.

    I'm a Libertarian at heart (but not a Ron Paul one) but frankly I was shocked when I saw what this show was about. I admit I've not watched it and it may be a great show, so I apologize for my 'WTF'... I pre-judged it without facts (but it can't possibly be as good as REVENGE! ;-) )