Friday, December 30, 2011


A post by a friend started me thinking [scary, huh?]  These are my ramblings – a few facts and some cathartic ranting before the end of the year.

In the Revolutionary War, we didn’t play by the rules.  We didn’t put on matching outfits, line up, and march to music to confront our enemies.  We used guerilla tactics, non-traditional plans, like Washington’s crossing of the Delaware on Christmas Day – we fought to win against the British, and we did.

In 1941, we were attacked and drawn into WWll – we had a no holds [I always thought it was ‘holes’] barred strategy - we bombed German cities, bombed Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima – and we defeated our enemies.  We played to win, and we won.

On to Korea – there, we said we wouldn’t cross the 38th parallel and we got a stalemate, and have HAD one since 1953.  We didn’t play to win.

In Viet Nam, we again didn’t play to win.  Our military was forbidden crossing into adjacent countries, even though there were NVA there.  We refused to bomb many sites that harbored enemy soldiers.  We ran a limited, losing military ‘conflict’, and we lost.

Terrorists attacked us in our homeland in 2001, destroying twin towers and killing 3000+ Americans.  A multi-national force attacked Afghanistan with politically correct rules.  We took prisoners and sent them to GTMO.  We provide them with Korans and prayer rugs; we handle their food with gloves.  They are well fed and given the best medical care around.  They cannot be made uncomfortable, let alone questioned under threat of torture.  We are fighting this war with our hands tied behind our back – And now we are bowing to religious tradition IN OUR MILITARY by letting Muslims ON ACTIVE DUTY IN THE MILITARY wear their traditional religious headwear.  [As my friend said – UNIT comes from the Latin word ‘unus’, meaning ONE – it’s called a UNIT for a reason – it lives, breathes, works and kills as one.]

Nidal Hassan killed 19 at Ft. Hood – NOT WORKPLACE VIOLENCE.  Hasan Akbar killed two military officers in 2003 by tossing 4 grenades into their tent.  This was NOT WORKPLACE VIOLENCE.  Chinese American James Yee, an Army chaplain assigned to ‘minister’ the GTMO Muslim detainees was accused of being a conduit between the prisoners and Al Qaeda. [The charges – SEDITION, AIDING THE ENEMY, SPYING, ESPIONAGE AND FAILURE TO OBEY ORDERS - were dropped BECAUSE RELEASING THE EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM WOULD HAVE BEEN A NATIONAL SECURITY PROBLEM‼‼]

Muslims are now permitted to wear their religious headwear as PART of their uniform.  What next?  Thongs and spike heels for the GLBT crowd?

In conclusion [finally]...

POINT 1:  We no longer fight to win because the politicians have determined ‘we won’t be loved around the world’ if we aren’t politically correct!  The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things.  What part of that is so difficult to understand?

POINT 2:  The United States Military SHOULD NOT BE A CRUCIBLE FOR SOCIAL ENGINEERING!  People who enter our military KNOW WHAT IT IS and by opting to join, they should be forced to follow the RULES OF THE MILITARY.  We should not be making concessions to any military members because of their race, sex, SEXUAL PREFERENCE or RELIGION‼! 

Period – end of discussion.


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. And how exactly does this headdress you are mentioning interfere with any military operation? "They" happen to be Americans serving their country just like everyone else in the military. Moving on ... be sure to let everyone know when you hear a single gay soldier request thongs or high heels. Their fight is about being part of the -- you named it -- UNIT and to serve their country without being harassed, mocked or abused simply because the picture in their pocket is a loved one of the same gender, vs. the other guys showing off or at least always talking about their girlfriends and wives. In my opinion, you are simply afraid of anyone who doesn't fit into your personal picture of what military should be. Your preceding arguments are totally irrelevant to your final statements and by the way, the main purpose of a modern military is to PREVENT people from getting killed, not the other way around. Your mindset is stuck in outdated, old history that should definitely not repeat itself.