Friday, December 9, 2011


I have followed the Republican political season probably as closely as anyone around.  We do not, now WILL we, have the perfect candidate to go up against Obama, so anyone looking for that should get their head out of the…. clouds.  Who in their right mind would be willing to go through the anal exam (as Rush says) that our side has to go through simply for running – and you ain’t seen nothing until a candidate is CHOSEN.

Accepting that all our candidates are flawed…. my biggest gripe is not the press admittedly attacking our people – we all knew this would happen.  My problem is MY SIDE – people who are supposedly Republicans attacking our people!  You have to hand it to the Democrats – they will circle the wagons, but not us!  The Republican ‘elite’ – whoever that is – still thinks we can be loved and admired by the media, still believes that Conservatism as a philosophy won’t sell to the masses.  These are the people who gave us McCain, and who are hell bent to repeat that by forcing Romney down our throats.

I, for one, am ready to tell them to fuck off!  I’ve watched our candidates rise and fall; I’ve posted videos of Carl Rove attacking EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE for their faults – STFU, Carl!

My guy has ALWAYS been Gingrich.  And now that he’s making headway, all his former colleagues are jumping on the bandwagon, saying he’s not a good leader.  THIS IS THE MAN WHO LED THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OUT OF THE ABYSS OF 40 YEARS OF DEMOCRAT GOVERNANCE IN 1994!  They say he thinks out loud.  The operative word is ‘THINKS’.  Hello!  WE NEED new ideas to bring America back from a real abyss.  These same people wrote Newt off last summer when his staff started jumping ship. LOOK WHERE HE IS NOW – with little or no organization, certainly little mainline party support – he’s in first place and rising‼‼ 

Newt has personal baggage.  I hate infidelity – but his lifestyle is NOT for me to judge – I believe there is a far higher power than I for that.  I’ve come to the place now where my conclusion is – if Clinton didn’t bother the left, why should I pass judgment on the one person I think can save this country because of his personal baggage.  NEWT KNOWS WHO THE ENEMY IS, AND THAT ENEMY LIVES IN THE WHITE HOUSE!  His detractors say Newt can’t stay focused.  Well I’ll tell you what – he has been focused on this enemy since DAY 1 – while the others were nit-picking at each other, Newt has been slamming Obama’s record and pointing out everything Obama’s done that’s hurt this nation, both here and abroad.  If that’s not being focused, then I’ll take not focused.
Newt knows history – he TAUGHT it and there are people who’ve sat in his classes, unlike the president, who supposedly taught Constitutional law [ed. Note:  ROFLMAO] and I’ve yet to see a testimonial from anyone in his class or even on the faculty with him.

Newt is probably the best extemporaneous speaker in public life today – and if he’s the candidate, he will be up against the WORSE extemporaneous speaker in the history of politics.  That alone would be worth the price of admission.
I know he’s flip-flopped on issues…. Who hasn’t?  At least he admits to the mistakes, rather than doing the Romney wiggle, or defining the meaning of ‘is’.

And my final mantra…. 2012 is about the judges.  Those of you who read my mess have heard this repeatedly.  Four sitting Supremes born in the 30’s.  FOUR!  Obama has placed two gems on the court already (one to get the Latino vote and one to keep Obamacare from being overturned).  Can this country afford any more like that?

Newt can win.  He’s the only one that CAN.  If you think he’s not a conservative, look who he said he’s put at State – JOHN BOLTON!  OMG – the liberals’ heads will spin.

Focus?  Yes.  Ideas?  Hell yes.  Leadership?  Depends on your definition.  I’m down with a man who has ideas and can then delegate someone to carry them through. 

NEWT CAN BEAT OBAMA!  Why start believing the MSM now????  We know where they stand.  We know how they do polling to get the answer they want.  Are we going to let them pick our candidate – AGAIN?  Are we going to let those who gave us Bob Dole and John McCain force Mitt Romney down our throats?

Wake UP, my friends.  It’s time to fish or cut bait….


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  1. We need to remember this,
    He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.