Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well, I clicked on 'upgrade to the new look' and tried it for a day.  Then I went back to the old look.  Besides being tiny print, the new one is totally anemic - it looks pale and faded, and I read enough fine print in a day that I don't want to read it here.

Hello, Blogger!  If it ain't broke.........

And while I'm at it, BLOGGER HELP is an oxymoron.  Ask a question - get a 3-year-old answer.  There's no way to get technical help unless you're blessed like I am with contacts who know WTH they are doing.  A person could die waiting for help from Blogger!

But what IS broken is the 'followers' gadget.  I've tried every way I know to get it on my pages - others have it.  Hell, I USED TO HAVE IT!  But it won't work now and I have no idea who's out there reading my stuff (but I'm glad they are there!)  I guess since I'm a technoidiot, I shouldn't be surprised that things don't work.  But I would much rather see Blogger come up with ways to make what we have WORK EASILY than just changing the appearance of my home page.  BLAH....


  1. Blogger added a "follow" button at the top left of the header bar, all the way at the top of the screen. Took me nearly a day to find it.

  2. THAT one I found - thanks! The thing I'm looking for is where you can SEE who your followers are, and WHO they are. It used to be on everyone's page but maybe Google did away with it. My dashboard says I have XXX followers but I have no idea who they are.... would be nice to know so I can visit them back

  3. OK - I put the 'FOLLOWERS' gadget/widget/WTFE they call it on here - it's at the top right above 'follow by email'... nothing shows. PFFFTTTTTTTTT It's hard to be a crusader without knowing who's watching! LOL