Wednesday, April 25, 2012


He gives the term ‘cager’ new meaning.  Ron Artest can change his name but he can’t change his spots.  Ten suspensions in 10 years in the NBA – and today he gets a 7-GAME SUSPENSION (without pay – big frigging deal!) for throwing an OBVIOUSLY INTENTIONAL elbow in a game this week between the Lakers and the Thunder.   Metta World Peace (what kind of a f***ing name is that?  Never mind – dumb question.) leveled James Harden.  Anyone who hasn’t seen the hit has had their head in the sand.

And who does the press interview about this?  KOBE BRYANT! THE ACCUSED RAPIST!

In 2004, in a Pacers-Piston game, Artest committed a ‘hard foul’ and a fight ensued.  In the following video, at minute 1:57 Artest lunges into the crowd and carries the fight to the fans.  He got an 86 game suspension for that.

The NBA is nothing but a place for animals.  This one belongs in a cage.


  1. History has proven that Artest has anger issues and is a danger to not only players, but fans.
    I was in Detroit back then, and it was pretty much cardinal knowledge that "beer" won't hurt when you have it spilled on you.

  2. A SEVEN game suspension - what is that - 2 weeks? 2-1/2 weeks?