Tuesday, April 17, 2012


For some reason, North Carolina LOVES Democrat governors and Republican presidents – until the 2008 election, that is.  That year the state swung totally to the left and went for Obama.  We made a major course correction in 2010 by electing a republican majority IN BOTH HOUSES OF THE LEGISLATURE for the first time since 1898.  Yep – that’s NOT a typo – 1898.  The great thing about 2010 was it was the national census year, so not only did North Carolina pick up an additional seat in the Congress – the Republicans got to draw up the new congressional district maps.  These will stand for 10 years.  Yaaaaaaaa!  The Dems had been gerrymandering the state for over 100 years while they were in the majority, and FINALLY my side gets to draw the districts.

Our sweet lil ole governor, Bev Perdue (who rolled into the state house on Obama’s coattails) suggested to the new legislature that it would be good to select a bi-partisan committee to draw the districts.  When the Republicans got up off the floor and recovered a modicum of decorum, they said thanks, Bev – but no thanks.  It’s been almost a 2-year process with Democrat court challenges at every step, but we’re getting there.  The first election is the primary on May 8.  The Republican ticket is pretty much chosen but there is an Amendment to the NC Constitution on the ballot defining marriage.  The Democrats went into screaming fits when this was put on the primary ballot rather than the November election, claiming that the Democrats had no reason to go vote in May, claiming the Republican fix was in.  Well – elections DO have consequences.

Then in January, Bev announced that she won’t be seeking re-election.  The word on the street is this will HELP Obama carry North Carolina in November, and I’m convinced it was Obama who told her to get out.  She DOES love the perks of office – the plane trips, a personal helicopter, the pomp and circumstance.  [More on all her scandals and investigations later]  Anyway, suddenly the Democrats were scrambling for candidates and there was a frenzy to get them on the ballot by the deadline. 

The Lt. Governor seems to have the edge but defeated Democrat former congressman ‘HOOR-U’ has thrown his hat in the ring.  I cannot believe the Democrats would allow this.  This man made a complete fool of himself by being drunk on the streets of D.C. and getting caught on camera and going after two college kids with a video camera.  They may have been Breitbart plants but – you just don’t do this!  It takes a lot of stones to run for governor after this display.  I hope everyone in North Carolina sees this video of the classless Bob Etheridge.


  1. I will help you spread the word about this clown.

  2. OMG...Liberal decorum...

  3. Any opponent of Etheridge would only have to run this free You Tube video throughout the campaign and it's over before it starts.

  4. He lost to a Republican in 2010 - primarily because of this incident. Otherwise, he was the bacon king - you should see the 'county building' he brought home in a pork barrel. It's a huge complex on a 300 acre 'campus' - for a county with a population of 115,733. Pisses me off every time I drive by there