Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well Matthews opening comment was inappropriate speaking of the Kennedy brothers and Robert’s comment to Jack before the debate:  Kick him in the balls….

Let the games begin

Brian Williams of MBC News and John Harris of Politico narrating…

Starting with the economy – polls say it was Bush’s fault!  LMAO!

First question to Perry… about quality of jobs….. excellent answer – next to Romney about private sector experience.  Perry called him a buyout specialist as Gov. of Mass.  Romney touts record in private sector with a little jab at Perry.  Another good answer.  Another question to Romney – breaking down companies and selling the pieces.  Another good Romney answer.  Gave Romney way too much time.  Back to Perry for rebuttal…. Shot Romney down as a governor… back to Romney to rebut the rebuttal…. Are there others on the stage?  LMAO -  Perry says Dukakas created more jobs than Mitt – Mitt said W created more than Rick

Next to Santorum who explains his jobs plan – cutting corporate rate and doing thing democrats will support – UGH

Same to Cain – eliminate tax code, 9-9-9 plan   9% personal tax, 9% sales, 9% corporate tasx

Lmao – Cain said if 10% is good enough for God – 9% ought to be good enough for government - great line!

Huntsman – question on China – says we have to fix our core because we can’t have a trade war with China… wishy/washy answer… lived overseas 5 times
Finally to Bachmann…. She wants less regulations – list bad regs… new one beinb put into place with Obamacare… it’s killing jobs.  Same answers as before
Next to Ron Paul…. Called him an absolutist – says government doesn’t need to be regulating everything – let the market regulate itself.  Regulate at the state level.  Williams asks about regulations for drug companies.  Applause for his answers

Gingrich wrote intro for Perry’s book… lmao – is Perry qualified?  Newt said if Perry writes another book, he’ll write another foreward.  Talked about Reagan creating jobs and him creating jobs as Speaker.  Says Obama committeed to socialism and class warfare.

Politico guy asking about healthcare…. Starts with Romney and what he said 4 years ago.  Asking about Romneycare – Perry says was an example of what won’t work – mandate.  Asking Romney about the individual mandate – will waiver all states from Obamacare first day in office.  23 minutes in and Bachmann has had 1 minute.

To Bachmann on Obamacare – says law has to be repealed – talking about her leading the repeal in Congress. 

Newt attacks questioner… says all agree it has to be repealed and he won’t take part in getting Republians fighting…. Says republicans will repudiates the news media who are trying to get them fighting.

Cain – no mandate constitutional if people are required to buy something.
Santorum – asking since he’s a devout Catholic… 1/7 people qualify as poor – where do poor place in a Santorum administration.  Let the fight for welfare reform.  Put a work requirement in place for welfare and poverty dropped.  Obama ex. Order undid workfare  Excellent answer

Romney – can you get gas prices down – good answer – developing our own resources…. Attacked Obama for blocking energy   Bachmann touts how many jobs would be created if we went after our own energy resources.  Huntsman – brings up teleprompter….

[questioners are NOT keeping the time even]

Asked Paul about the minimum wage… says he’s a doctor and no one asked him about Obamacare…… went off on mandates… don’t need government running our lives…

Perry and Paul exchange ‘letters’ comments – Perry wrote to Hillary and Paul wrote to Reagan.

Whew!  First break!  This debate so far is fast paced, funny, and every single candidate is giving excellent answers.  Newt’s a bit defensive but dead on with his remarks; Bachmann’s repeating her lines – borrrrrrring…. Perry’s doing great and Romney’s still too plastic and programmed…. Santorum’s answers are good but he’s getting left out, as is Cain – who’s responses so far are excellent.  Huntsman has a lot to say but I just don’t like him…. Will try to stay open.

Opened with a truibute to Reagan Library…. Film of Ron and Nancy… she’s lovely.  The films of them were heartwrenching… and she’s in the audience!  Yaaaaaaaa

Perry wrote ‘Fed Up’ – called SSI the program that tossed aside states rights – need to focus on changing SS… but people should not worry but says it’s a Ponzi scheme for youth of today.  Perry stood by comment that it’s a Ponzi scheme and youth of today know it

Romney on SSI…. Issue’s not funding – Congress has raided SS… says it must be fixed – not ended…. Duh.

Cain says use Chilean model for retirement.

Paul attacks Perry for forcing 12 year olds to take HPV vaccine… not good social policy.  Did it with an executive order – legislature repealed it.  Paul says he will not use executive orders.

Bachmann on HPV – says parental rights rule – government should not impose rules on what should happen to kids – segued into education and who controls.
Perry replies…. An opt for all…. But stands by the idea of saving lives however

Perry’s book says republicans were wrong to create dept of HS… Santorum attacks Perry as wrong on Gardisil.  Should be a parental responsibility.  (I would ask about all the vaccinations kids have to get to start school that are required by law)

Newt on Homeland Security…. Says people are there who want to kill us – need an ability to respond.  Would Paul repeal the TSA – should be airline’s responsibility… Paul calls for private sector to take care of security. 
FEMA – what happens if FEMA doesn’t respond (don’t get me started on THIS one) – Paul had a great answer.  Uh oh – said take a/c’s out of tents in Afghan and put the money saved in FEMA……. He’s getting nutty

Question to Perry on education cuts.. Texas ranks low compared to other states.. Perry says because of sharing a border they have a unique education problem.
Newt agrees with Obama only on Charter Schools… says parents need school choice. 
Jose –Dias Billard joins questioners…. Talking about immigration – asks Perry first thing he would do on the border – answered boots on the ground.. secure the border with personnel and aircraft.  THEN have a discussion on immingration reform.  Called out Obama on saying border was safe.  Romney wants a fence and agents – and stop sanctuary cities, free education, and stop employers who hire – no amnesty.  Applause.

Newt – control border and have a legal guest worker program, English as official language – learn history.

Santorum – come legally – secure border first – then decide what to do with illegals here

Bachmann – fence  and stop giving subsidies to illegals – what to do with those here – not a great answer from any of the candidates – she likes 1950 immigration rules.

Cain – solve all the problems – border, promote path to citizenship, enforce laws we have now and empower states to solve the problem.
Huntsman – legal immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed
Paul – remove easy road and benefits; nutty again

FINAL BREAK – talking times were a little more equal – questions stunk. The immigration question was a waste of time IMHO because the solution is not a 60-second sound bite.  Newt is the only one focusing on attacking Obama – Bachmann is NOT excelling – her answers are repeats, as are Santorum’s.  Cain is still strong.

Quicker round for last go?

Tea party question for Romney…..  are you a member?   Asked Perry about debt/spending question – would not raise taxes.  Wants a Balanced Budget Amendment.   Huntsman – no pledges.  Romney – we have an absence of leadership and Obama is over his head.  Questioners are giving Romney far too much time. 

Asking about military…. Bachmann - Obama has weakened the military – shouldn’t have gone into Libya.. Santorum says hearing isolationist views – US is a force around the world.  Huntsman – green and evolutionist?  Perry, no on green/global warming

Newt – would fire Bernanke tomorrow – not been accountable and his policies have been a disaster

Perry – favors capital punishment – huge applause – don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time
My conclusions on winners/losers:

Romney and Perry – too close to call

Perry was impressive and relaxed; Romney was less scripted and strong

Newt – always spontaneous and poignant

Cain – strong night

Huntsman – don’t like him but had some good answers

Bachmann -  not a great night

Paul – as meds wore off, he got nuttier - again


  1. Good gawd, paul is nearing 80 yrs old. Reminds me a Ron White stint, "I had the right o remain silent, but the ability"! RP Still gots the ability to think but no longer posses the ability to speak in public.

    Oh and no I did not see a moment of this debate.

    Huntsman is a democrat! Period ps the end.

    Romney is still a Mormon, which means almost nothing in this role. Think Reid.

    Any of the above even attempting to be a Regan is nothing but rhetoric to a quick end of ideals if elected. Regan proved the GOP will fuck anybody to further feather a personal nest, Especially the public. Reagan's plan would have eliminated govt debt!

    Nope the politicos would have nothing to do with is and spent their way into near oblivion, even though they had the cash on hand to do something for the country. Then they proceeded to beat the shit outta Regan for pushing for REAL changes in govt.

    We have massive problems in this country and 100% of them begin with the inflated fed govt! Regan found out they would not be defeated with ease. Yes he had some victories, but in the end..... fuck it.

    Bush 1 demonstrated he had no actual backbone. End of hope 2 for the public.

    Saying we should not have gone into Libya is not a weakening sign, it's a fact! We have spent over a billion of borrowed dollars to achieve what?

    I guess that Pery has forgotten the number of convictions to death row in TX and the number of exhononations,screw sc, people that were totally innocent of the crime they were convicted of got freed because they were actually innocent, of recent. Which means he is more than willing to kill the innocent for a gold star. Fuck Perry forever!

    Cain should realize, as West already has, the there aint a chance in hell another person of color is EVER going to be elected to POTUS for another 200 years, well fer awhile anyway Personally i find this sad because there are some very well qualified persons of color in this nation. But for now.... ..... Well it anit gonna happen. Too bad that the first half black person elected to the position is such a POS that even most blacks will not vote another in for now.

    BUT, I do hope they will make themselves available for strong advisers in many avenues of govt. Cabinet level for sure. Based on the ability to do the job.

    Have I missed offending anybody? Hope not, but hey I'll check back and try to be more inclusive. :)

  2. ...figure your summary spared me a nice chunk of tv watching - thanks!