Thursday, September 29, 2011


This is a fascinating story…..and one that in the news.

This is obviously the story of an evangelical Christian pastor in Iran who has been sentenced to death for refusing to recant his faith in Christ.  His lawyer thinks he has a very good chance (95%) of getting off of the death penalty but that he will still have to do some jail time…..for being a Christian.

Now THIS story is unconnected…….a little bit.

This one is obviously about a US citizen, a Muslim, that declared jihad on the US and had a really hair brained plan to attack the Pentagon and the White House with model airplanes loaded with explosives.

So how WOULD these stories be connected?

In the second story, note that the US Attorney, Carmen Ortiz, says that this action by the culprit is not reflective of any particular culture, community or religion.

What are we not getting here?  I mean I know, I KNOW, that under this regime, we will never be able to CALL Islam what it is, can never put our finger on Islam as a culture of violence, which it is, a community and religion that is backwards and hateful and deadly; I get it.  But can we not at least admit that we are being dishonest about it?  I would settle for that, because I live out in the country and I have guns and will not hesitate protect myself if the government refuses to do the same.

Carmen Ortiz is an idiot……OF COURSE the culprit in the attempt on the Pentagon and the White House is reflective of a particular culture, community or religion.  To deny that is LUDICROUS.

Let me give you my thoughts on this.

1.  The Palestinians are far more concerned about destroying Israel than they are about having their own state.

2.  Any nation, culture, religion that would sentence you to death for your faith is backwards and cannot be dealt with in a civilized manner.  I am a Christian and I have friends and associates of all faiths and SOME non-faiths …..and guess what?  In western thought NONE of them need to be in jail because they are not Muslim.  As a matter of fact, in CIVILIZED thought none of them need to be in jail or get the death penalty because they are not Muslim.  Who the hell cares?  I might think you are an idiot for being a Mormon (and IMHO I DO - I read that book……it is damned near as ridiculous as the Koran), but I am not going to put you in prison, let alone KILL you.

3.  For our country to ignore that we ARE at war with ISLAM is absolutely ridiculous; how can you read the first story and then take the comments of Ortiz, in the second story seriously?  When someone says that they have no choice but to bring violence to the US because he declared jihad on the nation……after all that we have seen in the past 11 years……how do you keep a straight face and say that attacks on the US are not linked to a culture, community or religion?  It is an absurd denial.

We have to get serious about this and be honest with ourselves ……or we are going to lose this country…. if not from within (as Khrushchev once predicted) and like is currently going on, then we will lose it from without - from Islam.

So are these two news stories connected?  You bet your sweet ass they are!

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