Thursday, September 1, 2011


Been away for a week dealing with Hurricane Irene - lost power and net and TV here on Saturday and got it back last night.  Folks took an 'eye' direct hit (NC Inner Banks on the ICW) but came thru like champs.  Had 16" of muddy black water in the house but very little damage and the pier held up great.  I've been down there swabbing concrete floors (garage, porch) and washing off porch and yard furniture. They are still without power and have no idea when they may get it back but fortunately the weather has been cooperating with balmy days and cool, sleepable nights.  Heading back for a weekend of cold showers and warm wine!  The pier survived so this is where you'll find me for the next few days!

To all of you up the east coast who were hit by Irene.... you have my sympathy and my prayers.  I hope your only problem was a little mud.... you are all in my thoughts.

SUNRISE ON THE PUNGO RIVER............ Doesn't get any better


  1. I am glad to hear you made through the storm ok

  2. Welcome back! :)

    Glad you did not need to call fema too! Most folks know and understand these things, and have a mop and bucket handy for those times.

    Glad to hear all is such that was needed for you and yours. :) (yeah I know it' much more than Just that, but still, ya wake up, coffee up and clean up. Not nice cuz the roster was already filled, but they too got sum unexpected company too.

    Very glad to hear all is rather superficial.

  3. ...great shot of the sunrise - hope all order has been restored to your world