Saturday, September 3, 2011


As part of hurricane prep where my folks live, many people who live right on the water will move high-dollar stuff inland or to higher ground.  In downtown Belhaven, the highest ground is a local bank, and they had a sign at the entrance to the parking lot that said:  "No Parking until after 6:00 p.m. Friday" because their lot tends to fill up fast.  The pictures below are along Hwy 264E at the entrance to a subdivision called Dowry Creek.  The trailer that’s turned over was the Developer’s office from some time back… the camper, car and van belong to residents of Dowry Creek – I’m sure they thought things would be safe that far from the water BUT… from the looks of the trees (8-9 completely twisted off at the same height) a tiny lil tornado about 50 yards wide hit RIGHT AT THAT CORNER – the white car (yeah - there's one under that big tree) is squished and the van had a shattered windshield and a limb on the hood – the camper looked ok and even the power lines weren't damaged … I mean – WHAT ARE THE FRIGGING ODDS?
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