Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I'm sure by now everyone knows that Hillary has 'taken one for the team' by accepting responsibility for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.  She has not only pulled Obama's ass out of the fire, she saved Biden from being branded a liar.  If she IS, in fact, responsible for this tragedy, she should be fired, prosecuted for incompetence, and sent to prison.

So.... knowing the animus between the Clinton's and the Obama's - what could be in store for Hillary that BILL WOULD AGREE TO.  Consider this.

First of all - the timing of her admission is totally suspect, as it takes this horrible event totally off the table for tonight's debate.  This acceptance of blame would also kill her run for the White House, unless.....

There will be no 'punishment' for Hillary in the Benghazi attacks.  This administration won't hit the girl.  THEY OWE HER NOW, and she has Obama and Biden right where she and Bill want them.

If Obama should win re-election...... (perish the thought!).... I will wager that Joe Biden's 'health' will take a rapid and serious turn for the worse.  And who better to replace him as Vice-President than........ HILLARY!  This is the ONLY, absolutely ONLY condition that Bill would agree to that would make Hillary fall on the sword for Hussein.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  1. However it turns out for America, it it going to be very very very......BAD, and NOT in a good way.
    Get ready for the Nov elections riots and vandalism and distruction through out this land. It is coming, do not doubt me.

  2. I am quite surprised that she jeopardized any future aspirations of the Presidency. For taking the blame for a dead ambassador and 3 other Americans, a run in 2016 is out. Folks will think 'If she couldn't, or wouldn't protect 4 of them, how in the hell is she going to protect 311M of us'
    I think her political career is over, IMO.

  3. I'd send the e-mail I got on this, but don't know how?