Tuesday, October 23, 2012

THE LAST DEBATE…. I wanted blood in the water

And instead, I got to watch a candidate of stature, in complete control, likable and authoritative, smart and cool.  PRESIDENTIAL.

In thinking back over the three presidential debates, I can think of only two areas where Romney let me down. 

Every time Obama used the words ‘my budget’, I screamed for Romney to say ‘What budget is that, Mr. President?  The one that went down 97-0 in the Senate?’  I still hope Romney can sneak that in during the next two weeks.

The other thing I was sitting on the edge of my chair for during last night’s foreign policy debate was for Romney to cut Obama off at the knees over the fatal disaster that is/was Benghazi.  Romney let it slide.  I was screaming!  Romney let it slide for two significant reasons.  First, he had proven Obama to be a liar in the last debate over the term ‘act of terror’.  Everyone with a brain who’d seen the news the first two weeks after the attack knew Obama lied.  Period.  There was no question Obama would lie again if Benghazi came up.  Besides, Obama had had a full week to craft – and I do mean CRAFT – another response.  Obama baited Romney four times during the debate, trying to get him to raise Benghazi.  Romney ignored it. I was screaming!  And Obama nearly burst a blood vessel!  He wanted it!  HE CRAVED THE ATTACK about Benghazi so he could turn it on Romney.  I was screaming TAKE HIM OUT ON BENGHAZI!  Romney pulled the proverbial rug out from under this poser, this foreign policy JOKE living in the White House.  And he did it with a smile.

I wanted blood in the water last night …. I’m glad I didn’t get it.


  1. It was a disappointment that Mitt never went for Benghazi, maybe he was a little gun shy.
    However, and most importantly was the Moderator NEVER brought this up. The biggest news story that everyone is talkig about, and the moderator dropped the ball.
    Maybe Mitt was waiting for Schieffer to bring it up, so as not to look as if he was politizie it.

  2. (eye roll)- the biggest thing that mittens was 'gun shy' about was Fast & Furious....................