Friday, October 12, 2012


- Blame Bush for the worsening economy after 3-3/4 years in office

- Blame Bush for the housing market collapse when in fact it was Dodd/Frank that legislated banks to issue risky mortgages to unqualified buyers

- Blame The United States for terrorists attacking us

- Blame the Ft. Hood terror attack on ‘workplace violence’

- Blame the white cops at Harvard for acting ‘stupidly’ because they actually asked a black man for his I.D.

- Blame Las Vegas for people's ‘excessive’ spending

- Blame the failure of the stimulus on jobs being ‘not so shovel-ready’

- Blame Arizona for defending their own borders since the Federal government would not.

- Blame a tsunami in the South Pacific for high unemployment

- Blame all of Big Oil for one accident by BP...then ban off shore oil drilling for 3 years...while giving billions to China and Brazil to drill in the very same Gulf.

- Blame Republicans for Obama not passing a budget for three years...even though Obama had control of the House and Senate for two of those years.

- Blame the Supreme Court for only doing their job...then lying about blaming them.

- Blame Wall Street for the economic problems...criticize the Dow Jones Average when it is low because it makes you look bad...then praise Wall Street when the Dow Jones goes up because you think it means you are doing something right.

- Blame ATMs for our unemployment issues.

- Blame Americans for the rest of the world being upset with us because we dare to keep our homes heated and we eat a lot of food.

- Blame kids for being fat

- Blame American border agents and the killing of Mexican civilians on the drug cartels to whom you supplied the weapons in ‘Fast and Furious’...then of course Blame Bush again.

- Blame Romney for the death of a man’s wife 5 years after he left Bain, while the woman had health insurance for two years following her husband’s lay-off from Bain

- Blame your poor debate performance on....Romney lying and you were so flummoxed you could not keep up?

- Blame your poor debate performance on....the altitude?

- Blame your poor debate performance on....the moderator?

- Blame your poor debate performance on....being distracted?

- Blame the death of a U.S. Ambassador and 3 U.S. Civilians on a minimally watched YouTube movie trailer

- Blame the riot escalation in Cairo on the same YouTube video

- Blame the video on Freedom of Speech

- Blame the same YouTube video on some unknown film maker...the arresting him for exercising his free speech.

- Blame the riot escalation on Romney and Ryan since everything else has failed

- Blame the fact that Libya is still in the news on Romney

- Blame the two weeks of lies to the American public on faulty information by the CIA...when you actually knew the real details within 24 hours of the attack.

- Blame the riots on anyone except Al Qaeda...even though they were behind it...because an admission would destroy the illusion that you beat the terrorists....and you did not.

- And now....Blame Biden's petulant, disrespectful immaturity during the debate on Paul Ryan?!?!  W‼! T‼! F‼!

For Obama...the Buck stops....anywhere but here.  HELL!  There IS no buck!

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