Thursday, October 4, 2012


Glued to the TV and in kidney lock by 10:30, this debate was more than I could have imagined for my side.  The only negatives I saw were.....

Romney, while doing yeoman’s work in slamming Obama last night, left three clubs in his arsenal I would have preferred he use.

First, when Obama said GM was roaring back, Romney should have said:  I would say to ask the employees of the 800+ dealerships that you closed if they thought GM was roaring back.

Secondly, when Obama mentioned the word ‘budget’, Romney should have been on that like white on rice, asking why he had not signed a budget in his entire presidency.

But to me, the biggest hammer he had but didn’t use was after Obama made his opening statement about it’s not where we’ve been but where we’re going.  Romney could have ended the debate in the first five minutes by asking Obama:  Why do you need more time?  The first two years of your term YOU HAD BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS – YOU COULD HAVE DONE ANYTHING!  Romney came close when he said Obama used his capital to pass healthcare rather than concentrating on jobs.

All in all……. I’m one happy camper today! (And it doesn't hurt my mood that the liberals' hair is on fire.)


  1. My wife was nervous like I have never seen her before, just before the debate started. She was also worried about how this would end up. She almost didn't want to watch.

    As I have told her for about a month now, not worry. Once the debates roll around, Romneys message cannot be filtered by the MSM and he's going to let it rip... And he sure proved me right, last night! :)

  2. You're right.... the MSM cannot filter live TV. Romney has two more chances to be heard - I pray he makes equally good use of those appearances. The one I'm waiting for is next Thursday, when Ryan and Biden meet.