Friday, October 19, 2012


Poor Joe..... he kaint heppit.... he has never held a private sector job.

It seems that the Obama/Biden campaign thinks they are on to something with which to hammer Romney..... a comment from Romney in the last debate that he had 'binders of women'.  Anyone who has ever held a JOB knows that Romney was speaking of a 3-ring binder filled with resumes of qualified applicants for a job.  Now granted, it's mostly executive level folks that receive binders, often from head-hunters (another term that neither Biden nor Obama nor their lackeys would know, since none of THEM have worked in the private sector) and from those resumes that executive/manager/owner will select the applicant that best meets his/her hiring requirements.  

I posit that the continuation of this pair of liberal idiots to rail about Romney's comment just underscores their total lack of knowledge of how the private sector, and hence AMERICA, functions.  It magnifies the reason the economy is in the tank.  I suggest they stick to the Big Bird argument/attack.

As for Biden, somewhere.... that village that it takes to raise a child..... is missing its idiot.

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  1. Lets find Slow Joe's village so we can send him back.