Friday, November 9, 2012


New bio of Patraeus.. ‘ALL IN:  The Education of General David Patraeus

Is it too late to rethink the title of the book?  Patraeus gave her ‘unmatched access’?  Is that what it’s called now?

Paula Broadwell was well placed to capture the complexity of the man. She is herself something of an all-American superwoman: West Point graduate (and subsequently an instructor there), major in the Army reserves, Ph.D. candidate, mother of two, company executive, serious athlete. Petraeus has always been a superb talent spotter; Broadwell’s combination of brains and intensity caught his attention and persuaded him to give her unmatched access. (When Petraeus and his personal staff flew out of Kabul for the final time last July, Broadwell was aboard the Gulfstream.)

David Patraeus resigned today as head of the CIA for ‘bad judgment’.  I’ll say it was.

How the mighty have fallen…. Enough blood for brains and balls – but not at the same time?  So it seems.

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