Thursday, November 8, 2012


First of all, forget about Obama.  He here for another four years, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it and it’s time to start looking and planning ahead on a macro scale. 

Here’s how we begin.

We hire Newt Gingrich as head of the RNC AND make him THE spokesman for everything Republican.  Why?  Because the man is brilliant, eloquent, and he knows who the enemy is and he’s not afraid to attack that enemy full force.  Newt can say things in the public realm that our ELECTED people cannot, because they would suffer political consequences.  Newt, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing to ‘lose’.

The ‘enemy’ of this country is not Barack Obama.  It’s not the left-wing nuts in Obama’s administration or in Congress.  It’s not even the idiots who voted for him.  The enemy of this country and of the way of life envisioned by our founding fathers is the leftist media.

Everyone on ‘my side’ knows that the media has its agenda and we all know the media didn’t vet Obama in 2008 and they covered for all his mistakes, including totally ignoring the debacle that was Benghazi, during this past election.  I lay this nation’s ignorant electorate at the feet of the media, and it’s time to turn the sunshine on THEM and call a spade a spade.

During the debates, Newt did this with a smile - repeatedly.  He made THE MEDIA the villain by challenging their questions, and hence their position on issue after issue.  I say we need to give this man a pulpit – make him the party spokesman – and send him out on a regular basis to hold press conferences and explain what is happening in the House of Representatives.  Tell the public what our side is trying to accomplish and what the OTHER side is trying to do, as well.  We need someone to go on the Sunday shows in the off-season and make CONSERVATIVE news. (As much of a political junkie as I am, and I think I am fairly knowledgeable about what’s happened the last four years, it wasn’t until this week that I heard Obama had not met face to face with the majority leadership in the House or the minority leadership in the Senate since last summer. THAT IS NEWS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN REPORTED!  We need someone out there SAYING THIS and forcing the media to cover it.)

The Conservatives do NOT have an ideology problem.  We have a PR problem!  Elected officials are too busy covering their ass and trying not to offend.  I say we NEED someone to offend!  We need someone who believes in our ideology to get out there, talk about it, DEFEND IT, and force the press to cover it.  I think Newt would be a great ‘talking head’ to start spreading OUR word for a change.  I know we will never ‘take back’ the media (because we never HAD them) but we can neutralize them by exposing their bias and forcing them to COVER this exposure.

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  1. I agree. And Newt should have gotten the nomination.
    My wife was complaining that Romney (her guy during the primaries) didn't come out forceful enough. My response, I warned you he wouldn't, and that only Gingrich would have.