Friday, November 16, 2012


“Petraeus apparently made clear to Congressional lawmakers this [11/16/12] morning that the CIA deemed the attacks against the Benghazi consulate in Libya on September 11th, 2012 to have been terrorism within hours of the event.  This estimate was then, according to Petraeus, altered by someone with direct ties to the Obama  White House and then later repeatedly communicated to the American public by U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice days after the attacks.  Ambassador Rice and the Obama White House repeated the claim the Benghazi Massacre was the result of an unknown YouTube video – despite, according to this mornings closed door hearing, their own CIA Director telling them otherwise.”

The ‘intelligence community’ cannot seem to figure out just who exactly changed the administration talking points before Susan Rice was sent out to lie. 

*Waving my hand*  I KNOW!  I KNOW!  You have to be blind to NOT know that it was Obama’s re-election campaign – DAVID AXELROD, et al – was the one who changed the dialog.

Ask yourself this:  Why was SUSAN FRIGGING RICE – the ambassador to the United Nations – a woman totally incompetent and a woman who has missed 75% of ALL U.N. meetings where her presence would have been MANDATORY had she been anyone other than an Obama suck-up… - a woman who was NOT in the chain of events for the debacle in Banghazi – WHY IN THE HELL WAS SHE SENT OUT TO TOOT THE VIDEO HORN???  Obama answered that one in his presser yesterday, peeps.  She was sent out at the behest of…………… YOU GOT IT!  The White House!  She has zip, zero, nada to do with this attack - so that tells me she was the only sucker willing to go out and lie for Barack.  (BTW - her qualifications for being U.N. Ambassador are:  She's black, she attended Harvard, and she's knows Obama.  

AND WHY THE VIDEO STORY???  Geezus - work with me here!  Obama was in Charlotte at the DNC just a week before this attack chanting:  GM IS ALIVE AND AL QAEDA IS ON THE RUN!   GM IS ALIVE AND AL QAEDA IS ON THE RUN!   GM IS ALIVE AND AL QAEDA IS ON THE RUN!  

Well Hello, you dumb P.O.S.  Al Qaeda is NOT on the run - they are on the frigging ATTACK!  But we have to lie and cover this up!  It's the election, you know - we can't tell the sheeple that Al Qaeda is alive and well and killing Americans in Benghazi!

“David Petraeus abruptly resigned just days after the 2012 election.  Was his own personal scandal the leverage the White House was using to force his compliance to go along with their version of the Benghazi Massacre?  Perhaps.  Certainly the timing is suspect – as is so much that relates to this Obama White House.”

Thank you, General - for attempting to reclaim your honor... while facing political blackmail from the administration - from assholes who knew of your indiscretion (you dumb SHIT!) and blackmailed YOU, General, into blowing the Administration horn....... blackmailed YOU until you caved.  Thank you for trying to come clean before Congress.  Do NOT stand down, General.  Ever!

Who changed Petraeus' assessment from 'a terrorist attack' to 'it was the video'???

Whoever it was............ is guilty of crimes against the state.  Heads should roll.  And the Liar-in-Chief........ is guilty of murder!


  1. And he just berated her without Obama speaking a word, when he sent her out there that Sunday after.
    It's too bad Americas women didn't know that before Nov 6th. That would have silenced the war on women talking points.

  2. Only problem is - Susan Rice is dumb as a box of hair.... she was too busy swooning over Obama asking her to be his spokesperson to realize he was using her. She is a 'Bama Bobblehead Doll..... nothing more.

  3. I was totally SCREAMING AXELROD!! There's a special place in Hell for that dipshit, let me tell you. Changing that kind of story to win an election! He should be damn ashamed of himself.
    And you're SO stinking right about Susan Rice basically swooning. BARF!!!