Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It’s the morning after, and I feel like there has been a death of someone I deeply loved – it’s a physical ache, and the pain’s too much right now for me to delve into. 

For me this election was about four things.  First is the SCOTUS.  What those folks do will impact us for generations, and we have very little recourse.  This one scares me.  

Secondly is Obamacare.  We will now have an entitlement program of vast proportions and the best medical care system in the world will become mediocre and expensive.  This one saddens me. 

Thirdly, we will never become energy independent.  We will be at the mercy of the Middle East or the dictators of South America while at home we search in vain for ‘renewable’ energy sources and prices skyrocket.  Fixable in years to come but devastating to an economy already approaching total stagnation.  This one pisses me off. 

And finally, it’s about what will become of our military – the only remaining ‘discretionary’ budget item we have.  It’s about to be decimated – even Panetta says so.  Our national safety will become a cliché, a memory.  I cannot conceive of an electorate that has made Barack Obama CinC TWICE.  This one makes me weep.

The one thing I’ve learned from this election is this.  People claim to be right of center in their lives and I believed in my heart that was the case.  Now, I truly think people just don’t want to be called ‘liberal’ because it’s a dirty word.  We’ve become not the ‘me’ generation but the ‘gimme’ generation.  Imagine the national shock down the road when the tit dries up for good.  John Kennedy is spinning in his grave.

There is an old song – “You Don’t Know what You’ve Got Until You Lose It”.  Sadly, we have a nation of people that have no idea what they’ve lost, because they were never TAUGHT what they had – what brave men and women died to give them.


  1. I pray you are wrong this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Feel the same way! When you stop teaching the
    REAL story of how this country was founded in the classrooms of our schools - you get a "gimme" who believe you get something for nothing.

  3. This sums up my feeling, also. Further, as a retired teacher, I see this as a result of the failure of our schools and of the ignorance of many of our people. Our schools have stopped teaching traditional values on which this country was founded, and instead have taught people that the government has a responsibility to care for them, and to give them "stuff". As a result, people have become increasingly dependent on government, and have stopped questioning the side effects of this new dependency. Another, more sinister, effect of this shift is that leaders on the left are able to control people through governmental programs, thus reducing their freedom and independence. This allows the leaders to increase their power, and to enrich their various supporting groups by granting waivers from restrictive taxes, or by actually granting money to businesses run by, or invested in by fellow liberals. The average citizen does not see this because the schools have taught them not to think critically about how government operates, or the consequences of giving up so much power to government leaders.

    1. Our citizenry has no idea that the main goal of the founding fathers was to PROTECT US FROM government.... we have gone 180 degrees from the tenets that this nation was based on. I have no idea if this will ever be reversed, which is truly sad. We have half a nation of people that are willing to settle for mediocrity. We no longer aspire to achieve but rather we demonize those who do.

  4. You summed up me feelings exactly