Saturday, April 19, 2014


I just read the article below and my hands are shaking so much I can barely type.

John Boehner has been in the sun too long!  His brain is fried from Beta rays and nicotine.  What in the HELL can he be thinking as he pledges to act on an immigration bill before the November election.

I understand the deal.... there are business owners throughout America WHO NEED CHEAP LABOR.  Why?  Because people who used to take these jobs are now living large on taxpayer-funded government entitlement programs!!!  That's on the one side, mind you.  On the other side is the Communist in the White House raising entry level job WAGES to the point that the small business owner has two choices - go under or go under!

We officially now have more people getting government assistance/entitlements than we have working and paying taxes.  This should scare the hell out of any thinking person.  But even scarier is that there are people on the government tit who could be filling the jobs that are available, yet they choose to ride in the wagon - and you really can't blame them.  If you really want insight into what's happening to our country, read 'It Pays To Be Poor In America', by Kevin Jackson.  Written 5 years ago, it's even more relevant now.

When we have people capable of working, why are we encouraging immigration to fill these jobs????  Our money would be far better spent by reducing the length of time people - and I'm talking about healthy, capable individuals - can ride in the wagon.

Immigrants are not stupid.  They come here, mostly to work and improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.  Mostly.... but how many look around and see the lifestyle provided by the free ride and decide to hop on that train?

I would say to Boehner:  Obamacare (no matter what numbers the White House and the left keep spewing out as 'great news') is the gift that keeps on giving.  It has an impact on every single American, and while the left tries to say the Obamacare horror stories are fake (like that glittering jewel of colossal ignorance from Nevada) - they are NOT fake.  USE THIS GIFT by proposing fixes and making them KNOWN TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!  This should be the primary issue for the 2014 elections.

The other gift that Obama has handed Republicans is his failure to take action on the Keystone XL pipeline (read my most recent post).  Obama is paying back Warren Buffett - end of discussion.  The pipeline is about JOBS, JOBS, and MORE JOBS!  That should be issue #2 in November.

If you think Republicans stayed home in 2012, Mr. Boehner - you ain't seen nothing like how depressed the Republican turnout will be THIS election if you insist on pushing for immigration reform when 99% of Americans believe REFORM EQUALS AMNESTY!  You can take that to the bank!

What the 'HELLBENT' are you thinking!!!!!


  1. I am HellBent on seeing Boehner and his fellow RINO's unemployed

  2. Stay home republicans so you do NOT vote. That will teach the winning libturds a lesson. Yep, a lesson so hard that it will poke you republicans in the ass without the Vaseline, AGAIN.
    Because, What difference does it make???