Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This one has me scratching my head.

The opening sentence of this article says:
The FBI is searching for a recent Army recruit believed to be planning a "Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers," has learned.
So the story is…. a guy named Booker (a/k/a Muhammad Abdullah Hassan) had been recruited by the US Army in Kansas City, Mo., in February 2014 and was scheduled to report for Basic Training on 7 April 2014.  During that time it was learned that this Booker guy had made public statements that he was going to commit jihad, much like Nidal Hasan (no relation) did at Ft. Hood, Texas.  The story says he had said this act was imminent and he told his friends goodbye.

The FBI became aware of all this and they interviewed Booker on March 20.  So just last week, prior to Booker’s 7 April reporting date, Booker was discharged from the Army.

There is now a manhunt on for Booker/Hassan.

The FBI HAD him and interviewed him.  He was due to report for duty on 7 April.  Why not continue with THAT plan and nab his butt when he showed up for induction?  Or better still, sign him up and then have the MP's cart him off to GTMO for some serious questioning.

Why was he not put under surveillance?  The military had his address.  Why was THAT not put under surveillance?  Both have pictures of this man…. Why are these not ‘out there’?

My question is:  How did this guy just waltz away from everyone in authority and disappear? 

It also begs the question I’ve had for Homeland Security… why are you people monitoring phone calls and email of every American and yet when you were TOLD BY PHONE that one of the Brothers Tsarnaev had been in the Middle East for six months ‘studying’ bombmaking with Al Qaeda-linked terrorists, you were unable to find these two before they blew up their backpacks at the Boston Marathon.

Who the heck is in charge here?

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