Friday, April 18, 2014


The Canadians have oil to sell and they want to deliver it via the shortest and safest route possible to the refineries/end users.

The Keystone XL pipeline would be the cleanest, safest way to proceed with crude oil delivery to multiple refineries.

Obama has delayed a decision on the pipeline construction for SIX YEARS!

The primary delivery system of this Canadian oil today is via rail.

The rail system is owned by one MAJOR Obama donor.  His name is Warren Buffett.

By delaying construction of the pipe line, Obama guarantees that Buffett will continue to be the major carrier of crude.  And the screaming idiot environmentalists who are opposing the pipeline need to take a look at the emissions RAIL TRANSIT PRODUCES.  This is all a hoax.  Environmentalists are ignorant pathetic puppets of this president.

If nothing else, Obama pays back his puppetmasters.

Give the bastard a phone and a pen and the rest of the country can eat cake!  Fuck the 10,000 jobs the pipeline would provide.  The Muslim in the White House couldn't give a flaming shit about jobs and the economy, and the sooner we the people realize this, the sooner we can all get on the shriveling government tit.

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