Monday, April 7, 2014


Another assault by the Obama administration on free speech??

America is a bad nation!  We are too powerful, too wealthy (less so now than 5 years ago though), too everything, and the rest of the world is envious. 

Obama promised to make us more loved around the world.  To that end, he is eviscerating our military power by cutting it to World War II levels.  That should show the world that we are being weakened.  Add to that this administrations’ oath to get rid of our nukes.  Well – we won’t need them if we have to military to deploy them.

Fast forward to the United Nations, located in Manhattan and funded by the United States to the tune of $6+ million/year for general funding and $7+ BILLION/YEAR for ‘peacekeeping finance’.  In return, Iran has chosen a former hostage-taker involved in the 1979 seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran to serve as its ambassador at the United Nations – a clear ‘middle finger’ this country.  Obama has remained silent and the UN will accept this murdering criminal as an ambassador. 

And now… our president has decided that we should TURN OVER CONTROL OF THE INTERNET to the United Nations….. to show the world that we don’t want to be powerful any more.

The United Nations recently passed a resolution attempting to shut down any criticism of Islam, and Russia just spent the last two weeks locking out any websites that dissented from its military incursion into Crimea, for just two examples of what the brave new world of the Internet might look like under non-US control.***

The INTERNET will be run by a committee…. who will need to be paid.  With the UN drowning in red ink, where will this money to pay these people come from?  If you guess that the internet will no longer be free, you get a balloon. (But this is only ONE of the problems for the US if this happens.)

America developed, financed, and has run the internet since its inception. It is FREE and one of the last bastions of FREE SPEECH on the planet!

WHAT THE FUCK IS OBAMA THINKING?????  This is what happens when you give an idiot bent on destroying this country a PEN AND A PHONE!


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  1. Obama does not think.He just reacts to his evil anti American nature