Wednesday, January 4, 2012


North Carolina has strange voting habits.  Until 2010, the state legislature had been controlled by the Democrats since the late 1800’s, but the Republicans won both houses a year ago.  Same for the Governor’s mansion – there have only been FIVE Republican governors since 1836.  But the people of North Carolina have traditionally voted Republican at the national level – until 2008, when the state went for Obama.  This year, we have been named a swing state for some reason.  I’d say we have been swinging all along!

There was an interesting tidbit in the local paper on Monday that may be the key to how North Carolina votes this year.  
‘A new study of voter registration data in the key battleground states of North Carolina and Nevada [Ed. note:  yaaaaa] shows that since 2008 there has been a drastic drop in the levels of young voters – a group that overwhelmingly voted for Obama in 2008.’  Youth registrations [the 18-25 group] LOST 48,500 voters during that time.  Of that net loss, 80.4% were among young Democrats, or in real numbers, over 39,000.  [This study found similar stats for Nevada.] The study calls this a ‘profound loss’ of the registration advantage the Democrats held in 2008.

The study also found that in the three years since the 2008 elections, North Carolina had a NET GAIN of 93,709 new registrations.  Guess what party was the winner in this.

I guess this explains Obama’s repeated visits to the state, drumming up support on our many college campuses.  Funny thing is, it’s a double-edged sword for him.  This area has major concentration of colleges and universities [UNC, NCSU and Duke to name the bigger ones] and a major concentration of Democrats [feeding off these colleges as well as filling 99% of the government jobs in Raleigh] so Obama is in his element.  However, because of the lay of the land, when he visits, the major highways of three counties basically become parking lots because of his entourage – and this totally infuriates those same liberals.

And now for the fun part!  Because of the 2010 census, North Carolina picked up a congressional seat, which has required redistricting.  Our idiot governor, Bev Perdue, suggested a bipartisan committee be chosen to work out the new district plans.  When the Republicans got up off the floor where they were rolling around laughing, they politely told her ‘I don’t think so.’  The new district map will almost surely guarantee two sitting democrats won’t have a chance of winning, and there should be four Republican gains in the state.  There are challenges all up and down the line but oddly enough, the DOJ [Holder must not have gotten THIS memo either] has given the plan its blessing, so speculation is that the suits from leftist groups will be deemed to be without merit. This entire process is truly funny since the Democrats – in all their years of control – never once invited the minority’s input when THEY were gerrymandering the state.

Anyway, perhaps the Democrats in other states are also seeing a similar reversal of fortunes.  We can only hope.....

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  1. Hopefully we can make the DemocRats a endangered species.