Sunday, January 29, 2012


As the Republican primary season kicks into full swing, and as the climate becomes nastier and nastier – the 2012 elections are looking more and more tenuous for our side.  This is a bad thing. 

However….If there is enough division in the Republican party after the 2012 elections - and it's sure LOOKING that way.... it may be time for the Tea Party to change its name to THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY and go national AS a 3rd party - they/we would have four years to organize, could probably get a lot of crossovers from the Republican party and the Libertarians and maybe pick up a few seats in 2014 nationally (enough to swing the balance of power).  I don't see this as all bad, except it pisses me off that Obama will probably get re-elected.  

It just may REALLY time for some Hope and Change

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